Haitian frustrations

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La Douanne In Haiti, How Much Does Haiti Customs Really Cost?

Haiti Customs - AGD - Administration General Des Douanes Why is it that NO Haiti shipping company ever tells you how much something will cost to get it OUT of customs in Haiti. LA DOUANNE (customs in Haiti) is like a BIG MASONIC TEMPLE! more »

Haiti Cargo and Shipping Services Headaches

Have you shipped anything to Haiti lately? What has the experience been like for you? For me it it a real headache! more »

PHOTOS: Gas Shortage In Haiti, Look at The Lines At The Pump

Haiti Gas Shortage, Long Line at the Gas Pumps A picture is worth a Thousand words... There is a shortage of gas at the pumps in Haiti, See photos of the long lines as people wait to buy gas by the gallon in the few pumps where fuel is available in limited quantity. more »

Are you a Haitian Party Goer OR Event Promoter? A Question For you...

Haitian VIP Pass I have been hearing a major complaint from Haitian Party promoters and I want to share it with you and ALSO... Ask you a question... more »