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Ecole Nationale des Infirmieres de Port-au-Prince - Do School Records Still Exist?

Haiti health, Haiti Hospital, Haiti Medical One of my readers want to know: "Was the Ecole Nationale d'Infirmieres Simone Ovide Duvalier in Port-au-Prince completely destroyed in the earthquake? If so are there records in existence somewhere for a 1974-1976 alumni? If you know, would you please share with me. I would be forever grateful to you." more »

Haitian Student Cheating on Exam, Classmate Posts her Photo on Facebook

Haitian Student Cheating on an Exam Haitian Social Network Update - A Haitian student's photo lands on facebook while she is cheating on her exam... more »

Haitian Student Says: French Is The Reason I am Failing

I met a student in my recent trip to Hinche Haiti who says French is the reason he is failing his classes. Can you believe this? more »

Haiti Brain Drain - 85 percent of Haitian College Graduates leave Haiti... WOW...

Did I read this correctly? Eighty five percent of college graduates in Haiti leave the country. more »

Back To School in Haiti Postponed

Back to school date in Haiti has been postponed from September 12 to October 2. more »

New Haiti Agriculture Training Center With Dorm Rooms and Internet!

On May 1 2011, Haiti National Agriculture and Labor Day, a cutting-edge agricultural training center was inaugurated in Haiti with online video link that connects Haitian Farmers with U.S. Agriculture experts and agronomists at the University of Florida. more »

One Laptop Per Child in Haiti... Is That Possible?

You may have heard about the XO Laptop for Haitian School children or the One Laptop Per Child Program... We found a couple of videos with details... more »

Computer Hackers Helping Haiti School Children?

Haiti Technology Here is a story you don't hear everyday... Computer hackers are famously known for breaching computer system but would you believe that HACKERS are helping Haiti? Here's the story... more »

Au pays des Aveugles Le Borgne Est Roi

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh... Today I have a complaint. The world is changing and it is changing really fast. It appears to me that most of the people in our community are sitting around expecting everything to remain the same. more »