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Haiti Education - Yon elev lekol leve granm maten pou etudie "qu'est ce que la temperature?"

Haitian Students Maten an mwen tande yon eleve lekol ki leve a 4:00 hr du matin nan yon fredi mwa desanm pou li ka edudie par coeur "qu'est ce que la temperature?" more »

Haiti Education - Only 13 percent of Haitian students can read 30 French words per minute

PHOTO: Haiti - Elev Lekol Piblik nou yo (Public School Students) In a series of tweets from the Haitian Government Wednesday, it was revealed that only 13 percent of students in Haiti can read 30 French words per minute... The average is 60 words per minute... more »

Haiti Education - NO MORE Graduation ceremonies except in PHILO, Education minister says

Haiti Education - Ceremonies de graduation interdites excepte en philo Haiti Education Minister says ENOUGH with all these graduation ceremonies costing Haitian parents TOO MUCH money each year... Starting immediately, the only graduation ceremony permitted by the Ministere de l'Education Nationale et de la Formation Professionnelle (MENF) is for "Classe Philo", the last year of school in Haiti... more »

Haiti Education - Pou ki rezon etidyan Haitien yo ap etidye pa ke konsa? Repons la ka choke-w

PHOTO: Haiti - Elev Lekol Piblik nou yo (Public School Students) Yon maten, mwen leve lakay mwen Haiti, mwen tande yon etudian ki ap bat yon bèt (etidye pa kè) anba poto limyè a devan lakay la. Ti demwazèl la ap goumen ak yon francais, li ap eseye memorize yon tèks ke mwen pa ka menm konprann ale wè poum ta eseye memorize-l. Apre yon 20 minit konsa, mwen oblije soti sou galri a pou-m a mande li kisa l-ap etidye laa... Mwen sezi tande kisa ti dam la di-m... more »

Haiti - PHOTOS: 27 new High Schools ready for Inauguration before the opening of the School Year

PHOTO: Haiti Public Schools - Lycée Charlemagne Peralte in Hinche getting a new paint job Did you know? There are many new High Schools that were under construction in Haiti and some of them are ready for the new school year... One of them is the new Charlemagne Peralte High School in Hinche Haiti (Lycee Charlemagne Peralte de Hinche) We took some photos to share with you... LOOK.. more »

Haiti - Universite St Gerard in Carrefour-Feuilles Burned to the ground

PHOTO: Haiti - Universite St Gerard Brulé A Haitian University in Carrefour-Feuilles Haiti, Université St Gerard, was burned to the ground early Sunday 3 Jul 2014 around 6:30 am... The University director suspects foul play... more »

Haiti Education - Examen Bacalaureat 2eme partie (Philo) Komanse

Education in Haiti Mezanmi, Examen Bacalauréat 2ème partie yo (Philo) kòmanse nan peyi d'Haiti jounen Lundi 07 Jiyè 2014 la... Plis pase 79 mil kandida nan 10 depatman peyi a ap konpoze rive jouk 10 Jiyè... more »

10 Haitian student air traffic controllers just graduated in the Dominican Republic

Toussaint Louverture International Airport, Port-au-Prince, Haiti I just found out that 10 Haitian student Air Traffic controllers have just graduated at Academia Superior de Ciencas Aeronaúticas (ASCA) in the Domincan Republic. That's great news... As more airport open up in Haiti I certainly hope these new Haitian air traffic controllers find jobs so they can be of service to their country. more »

Haitians don't take enough advantage of FREE Education in the United States

Education in Haiti Haitian parents in the United States, particularly those who live in Florida, do not benefit enough some free education programs offers to their children... This is according to Donny Felix, president of the Haitian American Association of Brevard (HAAB) more »

VIDEO: Panic in Cap-Haitien - Assailants throw tear gas in School Classroom

Gaz lacrimojene Cap Haitien Haiti Watch the video... Dozens of students were taken to the Hospital Justinien in Cap-Haitien earlier today... The hospital was overwhelmed by the influx of students suffering from seizures and poisoning after inhaling toxic gases from exploding tear gas canister... more »