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The Haitian Army released a note: There is No confrontation between the Army and the Police

The New Haitian Army Corps of Engineers: Ministere de la Defense - Republique d'Haiti Less than one hour after news broke of a confrontation between the Haitian Army and the police, Army officials released a note to clarify that there is no confrontation between the army and the police at Champs-de-Mars. more »

Hurricane IRMA: Haitian Army Corps of Engineers deployed to protect and serve the population

Haiti Prime Minister and Army Corp of Engineers The Haitian Army Corps of Engineers has just been deployed to assist ahead of the arrival of hurricane Irma in Northern Haiti by order of the Haitian prime minister and the minister of Defense. more »

Haiti - Martelly back with the Haitian ARMY, Recruitment begins October 2015

The Haitian Armed Forces Haiti President Michel Martelly has announced its intention to form a new Haitian armed force before the end of his term. The process should be launched in October 2015, five months before the end of his administration, Radio Metropole reports... more »

The New Haitian Army - First Mission: Build Roads

New Haitian Military - First 30 Recruits Petite Rivere de L'Aritibonite - What if Haiti had a military force that was actively involved in nation building? SMILE... It looks like this is what Haitian Defense Minister Jean-Rodolphe Joazile has in mind... more »