Yo Bay Li... Finally There is Gas in Hinche Haiti

At around 8:30 pm Monday Apr 15 2013, my cousin calls me up and says: "Cousin... Yo Bay Li..."

Gas Truck - Total gas station - Hinche haiti

I though he was talking about the electricity which has been acting very funny this past few days in Hinche.

"No... Cousin," he says, "the Gas truck has just pulled into the Total gas station... LOL... finally you can put some gas in your car."

I didn't want to say this but danm... Gas went up to 80 dollars (400 gourdes) per gallon these past few days. so I parked my damn car and walked!

Finally, the liquid gold has arrived... There's gas!

Mesye... Le neg gen machin ou kwe di sa di lew ap mache nan chale Haiti-a paske gazolinn two che?

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Oxceva Se pigro ront pou leta haitien.Ou pa konnen konbyen moun ki mouri koz gas ki patgen pou mennen yo lopital.Epi yo chita ak koche moun kap voyaje ak... see more
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