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Top Travel Bloggers List HAITI as a Place you Need to See in 2015

Yahoo Travel Bloggers list Haiti as one of the places you need to see in 2015, a country with an amazing culture and home of the largest fortress in the Americas designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a World Heritage Site... You've got to visit this place, Haiti Cherie, in 2015...

Yo Bay Li... Finally There is Gas in Hinche Haiti

At around 8:30 pm Monday Apr 15 2013, my cousin calls me up and says: "Cousin... Yo Bay Li..."

Haiti Travel - Smooth Road from Nan Papaye To Bassin Zim

Behold the new road to Bassin Zim... Soon The Bassin Zim Water fall near Hinche Haiti will be tourist destination that tourists can actually get to... This morning, I drove from Nan Papaye to the Bassin Zim water fall in 15 minutes flat. The road is fully prepped and awaiting a pavement.