Haiti Tourism

Haiti Tourism - Expedia Lodging Services Touring Haiti Hotels

Good news for Tourism in Haiti... Expedia Lodging Services, the company that helps travelers find hotels via Expedia.com, Hotels.com and Hotwire.com is currently in Haiti checking out the hotels and resorts...

Haiti Tourism - More and More Canadians visiting Haiti

Some good news regarding tourism in Haiti... more and more Canadians visiting Haiti... Read this from The Canadian Press... The latest tourism statistics demonstrate that Canadians are increasingly visiting Haiti... 33,000 traveled last year to what was once known as the Pearl of the Antilles... What can I tell you? A pearl is a pearl is a pearl... Let's clean her up, fix her up, and make her shine!

Haiti - Tourism : 20 Percent more Tourists Arrived in Haiti in 2013 than the year before

I just read some great news about the number of tourists arriving in Haiti these days... 20 percent MORE TOURISTS arrived in Haiti in 2013 then the year before... This is according to preliminary figures recently released by the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

Ile-a-Vache Haiti tourism Project - A big communication problem, Ministre Reginald Delva says

Haiti Interior Minister Reginald Delva says there is a big problem of comminication in the Ile-a-Vache Haiti project. According to the minister, this communication problem is the reason some people fail to understand the big potential that the success of this project will bring to the island of Ile-a-Vache

Ile-a-Vache Haiti - The Struggle to Turn the Island into a Resort Island

QUESTION: What is wrong with turning the island of Ile-a-Vache Haiti from subsistance farming and fishing island into a modern Resort Island, creating jobs and inviting tons of tourists to come in, have fun and leave their money behind??? Nothing if you ask me... BUT ask some residents of Ile-a-Vache and you will get a big "HELL NO..."

Ile-a-Vache Haiti - Residents resisting tourism plans for the island

QUESTION: What is wrong with a plan to construct an International airport, build roads, rebuild the port, build several hotels and electrify an island that has been ignored since the beginning of time? Well ask the residents of Ile-a-Vache Haiti. Some of them think it is a bad idea...

POLITOUR Haiti - Tourism Police First Dispatched in Nothern Haiti

Haiti's new Tourism Police force (POLITOUR) will be deployed initially in Northern Haiti before spreading to the rest of the country in areas concerned... Eventually, all tourism activities in Haiti will be secured by POLITOUR...

POLITOUR - New Haiti Tourism Police Officers have just Graduated

The first promotion of the Tourist Police of Haiti (POLITOUR) have just graduated from the Haitian police academy. They are ready to hit the streets to serve and protect the legion of tourists expected to visit Haiti every year.

Hidden Haiti: The perfect destination for tourists

"Blue skies, palm trees, and the inviting Caribbean sea... All that's missing are the tourists... Welcom to hidden Haiti..."

Cote-des-Arcadins Haiti - 10 Secret Beaches in the Caribbean

The Secret is out... Cote-des-Arcadins Haiti is on the list of 10 Secret Beaches in the Caribbean.