Haiti School Buildings

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School opens today in Haiti - School directors complain, not even a paint job!

Haiti Education: President Jovenel Moise and a Haitian Student School opens this Monday everywhere in Haiti. Many school directors are complaining about the conditions of the schools... more »

Japanese company to build 12 new schools in Haiti, construction begins before school opens

Makihara Takatomo of Tokura Corporation, Japan, and Meniol Jeune, director general of education in Haiti An agreement for the construction of twelve new schools in Haiti was signed Thursday, July 19, 2018 between the Haitian Ministry of National Education (MENFP) Japanese firm Tokura Corporation. more »

Haiti Education: 90 percent of primary schools in Haiti are non-public

Education in Haiti Can you believe this? At least 90 percent of Haiti's primary schools are non-public. in other words, only 10 percent of the primary schools in Haiti are public schools. more »

Haiti - PHOTOS: 27 new High Schools ready for Inauguration before the opening of the School Year

PHOTO: Haiti Public Schools - Lycée Charlemagne Peralte in Hinche getting a new paint job Did you know? There are many new High Schools that were under construction in Haiti and some of them are ready for the new school year... One of them is the new Charlemagne Peralte High School in Hinche Haiti (Lycee Charlemagne Peralte de Hinche) We took some photos to share with you... LOOK.. more »

Actress Nicole Kidman Pledges To Rebuild a School In Haiti

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban In February 2010, Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman and her Husband Keith Urban pledged to donate $50,000 a year for five years towards the rebuilding of a school in Haiti. more »