Haiti Reconstruction

Haiti: Promise Of New Jobs, Fear Of The Unknown

Haiti Open For Business Haiti needs Jobs, there is no question about that. However, with the promise of job creation in Haiti comes with all kinds of fears and controversies. more »

Cap Lamandou Hotel In Jacmel Haiti Soon to be Comfort Inn Hotel

Cap Lamandou Waterfront Hotel - Jacmel Haiti Did you know? The Cap Lamandou Waterview hotel in Jacmel will soon be known as Comfort Inn Jacmel. more »

Jacmel Haiti Says Good Bye To Tent Cities

Jacmel Haiti Pictures In about 3 months there will be no more tent cities in Jacmel Haiti. Every single Haitian post earthquake tent city dweller in Jacmel will be residing in regular housing. more »

USA se Drainage... Haiti se CANALIZATION...

Ou panse dirijan yo pral rebati Haiti, epi pou yo konstwi pi GWO kanal? Hmmmmm??? more »

Marriott To Build First Hotel In Haiti

Marriott Hotel Haiti Haiti is open for business, Marriott heard, Marriot will open their first hotel in Haiti in 2014. Is this good news or is this good news? more »

Rebuild The Haitian Man, A Haiti Reconstruction Requirement

Man On A Mule - Crossing The River - Trou Du Nord Haiti It is important to, first, rebuild the Haitian man, and second, rebuild the physical space of the Haitian man, says President Michel Martelly... more »

Up To 20 Years To Remove Earthquake Rubble In Haiti?

Earthquake in Haiti - Haitian Flag - Collapsed University I was watching a CNN report about the Haiti earthquake recovery efforts and they say experts are predicting that it could take up to 20 years to remove all of the rubble in Haiti. 20 years??? more »

Shakira Was In Haiti, She Will Help Rebuild Ecole Elie Dubois

Shakira In Haiti - Ecole Elie Dubois Singer Shakira was in Haiti over the weekend and she did a lot more than watch Haitian school students do the Wakka Wakka, Shakira donated $400,000 to help rebuild Elie Dubois high school in downtown Port-au-Prince. more »

BOT Project Financing - Could That Help Develop Haiti Faster?

Haiti Open For Business I was always wondering what the proper term was for when a company comes into a country like Haiti, builds something, operates it, and hands it over to the government after a number of years. more »