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In Haiti, It Takes MORE than 3 Months to Start a Business Compared to a few hours in New Zealand

CHART: Haiti  - Starting a Business, days to register a company, 2015 According to The World Bank's "Doing Business' report, it takes MORE than 3 months, 97 days, to start a business (register a company) in Haiti, Compare that to a few hours online to start a business in New Zealand... more »

Haiti Business - Clothes Manufacturer Hansae to Build Factory in Haiti, 5000 jobs!

PHOTO: Hansae Worldwide coming to Haiti Haiti Business Update -- Korean Clothes manufacturer HANSAE just signed a agreement with SONAPI build a factory in Haiti... HANSAE, one of the world's largest apparel makers with client like Nike, Gap, H&M and Abercrombie & Fitch will soon build plant in Haiti equipped to employ 5,000 people... That's new 5000 jobs in Haiti... more »

Haiti has one of the fastest-growing economies in the Caribbean

Haiti Open For Business Haiti now has one of the fastest-growing economies in the Caribbean, according to an article published in the New York Times... This fast-growing economy in Haiti is thanks largely to infrastructure projects financed by the money Haiti saved by buying oil at preferential terms from Venezuela... more »

Haiti Mining - Hillary Clinton's Brother Granted Gold MINING Permit from Haiti

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Talks About Haiti A new book by New York Times bestselling author Peter Schweizer reveals... Hillary Rodham Clinton's brother, Tony Rodham, received through VCS Mining, in 2012, one of only two "gold exploitation permits" from the Haitian government - This is the first such permit issued by Haiti in over 50 years... more »

Doing Business in Haiti - What is your Experience?

Haiti Open For Business You know something? As I talk to some people doing business in Haiti I am getting a different kind of warning... Scary almost... Many people start the conversation with: "Hein! Ou vle fe bisnis an Haiti? Ou granmoun? Fo-w mete granmoun sou ou wi..." Are you doing business in Haiti? Are thinking about it? What's your experience? more »

First JetBlue Flight Officially Landed in Haiti

Flights to Haiti - JetBlue Airways offers flights to Haiti FLASH... The first JetBlue Airline flight has officially landed in Haiti... So now, American Airlines has a tough competitor to deal with... Haitians have been complaining about airline ticket prices and service for quite a while. Let's see what JetBlue brings to the table... more »

La Gonave Haiti - The 48 Billion Dollar Project

48 billion dollar la gonave project Have you have heard the 48 billion dollar plan to develop the island of La Gonave in Haiti? It is a project that will turn La Gonave into an international paradise island and a Caribbean business hub... Guess what... If the project is not approved soon, it will be moved to the Dominican Republic... more »

Haiti Small Business Ideas - I Need Your Input...

Haiti Small Business Ideas QUESTION - What type of small business would you start in Haiti right now? Start-up cost must be USD $500 or less, and it has to be so simple that anyone can manage it... more »

Why NOW is the perfect time to invest in Haiti...

Haiti - Open For Business True of False? If you bought a piece of land in Haiti over year ago, it would now be worth a lot more than what you paid for it. Had you left that money sleeping in Bank of America, I think we both agree you would barely get one one dollar interest on it. more »

Billionaire Richard Branson In Haiti for Caracol Industrial Park Grand Opening

Hillary Clinton and Sir Richard Branson in Caracol Haiti The world media is buzzing today about the A-list of businessmen and celebrities who were in attendance at the grand opening of Haiti's Caracol Industrial park including Billionaire business magnate, Sir Richard Branson, the 4th richest man in the United Kingdom. more »