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Haiti national carnival canceled after clashes between police and soldiers in Port-au-Prince

Shabba - Tonton Bicha Haiti's national carnaval was cancelled Sunday by the ministry of culture following a violent clash between the police and Haitian army soldiers in Champs de Mars that resulted in the death of a soldier and a police officer. more »

Haiti Carnival National 2020 is happening in Port-au-Prince

After it was rumored that the 2020 Haitian Carnival would happen in Cape Haitian, the ministry of culture and communication announced Wednesday that the carnival will take place in Port-au-Prince in February. more »

Haiti Kanaval 2018 - So, I hear Roody Roodboy is taking Champ-de-Mars by storm!

PHOTO: Haiti Carnaval 2018 - Ayiti Jan l Dwe Ye This one of the first years in a while that I've been so disinterested in Kanaval in Haiti but I couldn't help to notice that Roody Roodboy is taking Champ-de-Mars by storm and Sweet Micky is the talk of the town... more »

Haiti Kanaval 2016 - So far, No STAND is being Built at Champs-de-Mars

Haiti Kanaval 2016 Update -- As of Monday, 01 February 2016, No Carnival STAND is being built at Champs-de-Mars as of yet... Carnaval is scheduled for Sunday, 6 days from now... more »

Haiti - SHOCKING VIDEO shows Haiti Kanaval Victims being electocuted along side Barikad Crew Float...

PHOTO: Haiti Kanaval 2015 Accident - On the spot, the second it happened An eyewitness video surfaced on Facebook showing exactly what happened at Haiti Kanaval 2015 that dreaded Tuesday morning of 22 February when 18 people died instantly and over 70 people injured... These people were in FACT electrocuted alongside the Barikad Crew Float (Char)... The video shows many people literally frozen for an instant during the electrocution after an electric spark exploded out from the bottom of the float... more »

Haiti - Thousands Attend National Funeral for Kanaval Victims at Champs-de-Mars

PHOTO: Haiti National Funeral for those who died in Kanaval 2015 Port-au-Prince Haiti -- Champs-de-Mars is filled with people early Saturday morning to attend the National funeral for those who died on Kanaval Tuesday 2015... Ti Joe Zenny spoke for the musicians, PM Evans Paul spoke for the government... more »

Haiti All-White Event at Champs-de-Mars Last day of Kanaval 2015 to remember those who died

PHOTO: Haiti Kanaval 2015 --- K-Zino Char Dancer Haiti Kanaval 2015 Last Day Special Event - For the Last day of Kanaval 2015 This Tuesday, everyone is asked to dress in WHITE and come to Champs-de-Mars for a special "Defile en Silence" to remember those who died last night... more »

Haiti - 72 Hours of Mourning and National Funeral for those who died at Kanaval 2015

PHOTO: Haiti Kanaval 2015 fire show Following the incident at Haiti Kanaval 2015, the government of Haiti has called for 72 hours of mourning starting on Wednesday, 18 Feb, 2015, All flags in Haiti will fly at half staff and a National Funeral for all who died in the incident will be held Saturday, 21 Feb 2015... more »

FLASH: Haiti - ALL Carnival Activities Cancelled All Across The Nation Tuesday

Carnival In Haiti - Carnaval en Haiti - Kanaval Haiti Breaking News... The Haitian Government has just announced that ALL Haiti carnival activities have been cancelled for the last day of Kanaval in Haiti following an incident that happened on Day 2 killing and injuring many people in Champs-de-Mars... more »

Haiti - Barikad Crew singer PHANTOM in Stable Condition following Kanaval 2015 incident

PHOTO: Phantom - Barikad Crew -  Haiti Kanaval 2015 Good News for Barikad Crew... Singer Phantom is in stable condition after he was rushed to the hospital early Tuesday morning following an terrible accident on top of the carnival float in mid-performance... more »