Basic jobs, a controversial issue in Haiti

QUESTION: What type of job is an unskilled laborer living in Haiti desperate for employment qualified for? There are many people looking for an honest way to make money in Haiti right now, a few have knocked on my door. First they ask for a job, then they beg for money... Seriously...

American Apparel Companies Interested in Investing in Haiti

I was reading an article yesterday, they say that basic jobs are a controversial issue in Haiti... We all know that Haiti need jobs, we know that unemployment is really high in Haiti, but there is a conflict over the type of jobs educated Haitians want and the type of jobs most Haitians are qualified for.

When we talk about jobs in Haiti some say we need to focus more on agriculture, others think we need to bring professional (skilled) jobs into Haiti, while some realists think plainly that the majority of able-bodied Haitians are unskilled laborers just looking got a job.

SO... What kind of job do you give to an unskilled worker?

Many people regard low-paying factory jobs in the textile industry as pure slavery and a bad idea for Haiti but George Sassine, a prominent textile businessman, says garment factory jobs are "passage obligé", a necessary route to better things for Haiti.

Haiti finance minister Wilson Laleau, a trained economist, says: "We need basic jobs for people without skills." While he plans to train Haitians for better things to come, Laleau thinks Haitians need to be employed in the mean time.

Got a minute? read this article: Haiti's employment push turns to textiles as farming tradition uprooted

Just in case you are undecided about whether or not textile jobs are good enough of Haiti, know this: The HOPE Act is expiring in 2020 and labor is way cheaper in Bangladesh than in Haiti.

So what type of jobs do you think is suitable for all the low-skill or no-skill workers out there in Haiti?

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J'aimerais trouver un emploie mais j'ai ne pas de

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