A Haitian doctor's Salary Compared to that of a BOURETYE

TRUE of FALSE? --- A young Haitian doctor working for the state (l'Etat Haitien) who receive a $24,000 gourdes paycheck, has to wait almost 4 raises, roughly 5 years experience, before he can earn a salary equal to that of a man unloading trucks on the warf of Cap-Haitien or the warf of Port-au-Prince.

In Haitian Creole... Kreyol pale Kreyol konprann...

Yon jenn dokte ki ap recevwa 24,000 goud salaire nan men leta, fok li tan 4 ogmantasyon, preske 5 lane, avan li ka fe menm kantite lajan ak yon BOURETYE oswa yon moun k-ap pote chay nan waf Cap-Haitien oswa waf Port-au-Prince...

These are the words of Fritz Jean in a video documentary "Haiti: Fin d'une Histoire Economique"


Last week I raised the question: Who makes more money, the employee or the 'Ti Machann' but comparing a Young doctor to a 'Neg k-ap pote chay sou waf potoprens' that leaves me shaking my head...

What do you have to say about this?

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Caridad Hilaire says...

$24,000.00 = $536.17
What can I

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Subject: A Haitian doctor's Salary Compared to that of a BOURETYE edit

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