Haiti sits in path of Hurricane Isaac, Is Haiti Prepared?

By the time Tropical Storm Isaac hits Haiti, it is forecast to be at hurricane strength.

Haiti Weather Alert

CNN is reporting that there are NO signs of hurricane preparations in Haiti.

Hurricane Isaac will bringing destructive wind and water, reports say.

As much of 12 inches of rain is forecast for some parts of Haiti. CNN says Hurricane Isaac "threatens to unleash disaster once again on vulnerable and often unaware Haitians by Friday night."

"These rains could cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides," the National Hurricane Center in Miami said.

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Paul says...

Please, we need to move forward.

This is the 21st century.

Earthquakes and hurricanes are natural disasters.

Stop associating natural disasters with acts of God to punish Haiti.

Do some reading.

Do some research.

We cannot move forward if we keep carrying on the beliefs of our great

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Janvier says...

Bondie pam nan ap proteje Haiti.

li pap frape pa siklon isaac jan yo panse li a, se certain ke nou pa gin preparasyon sur le plan equippment ressources .mwen konen se yon ti peyi pov li ye. men Bondie se bouclier nou le se paravent nou e protection nou par excellence lap lonje de bra li bare tempet la e pote kalmi nan peyi a. paske li se yon Bondie ki pa fe kole fasil.

li plus renmen ke li pini. lap beni Ayiti e lap beni pep li a li renmen anpil la. lap proteje ayiti.

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Patrick Princivil says...

God in heaven is jaleaous against the wicked of Haiti, if they stop to do evil against him, our father will take care of them, but if President Martelly don't wipe out idoles, in the Parliament of Haiti and everywhere they have these demons in the cities: including, neg marron, sainte Marie, sainte salopri, sainte chiennes, saint chiens, saint cochons and all the thing belong to Satan and the bad Angels, God will give the nation of Haiti massage theraphy (manyin membre yo) very

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