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Koupye is Good for you : 10 Health Benefits of Koupye, or Pourpiers (Purslane in english)

Vegetables in Haiti - Pourpiers / Koupye (purslane in English) Many Haitians have grown accustomed to eating "koupye", called pourpiers in French, purslane in English, but would you believe the number of health benefits this often ignored leafy green vegetable has. Here are 10 health benefits of earing koupye. more »

Haitian LALO - What is it called in English?

This is what Fey LALO (Jute Leaves) looks like - Haitians love to eat Legume Lalo Haitians love LALO legume but what is the plant called in English? What do you look for when you go looking for LALO in an American supermarket? Here is what I found out, plus I have a surprise for you... more »

Can I Eat Mangoes if I have Diarrhea?

Haitian Mango - It's Mango season in Haiti! Can you eat mangoes when you have diarrhea? The answer is YES. Did you know eating mangoes can help to control diarrhea? more »

Haiti Cuisine: 10 goud LALO bay tout kay la manje, mesi manman doudou

Chodye Legim Lalo - Legume Lalo - Haitian Jute Leaves Stew Cooking in Haiti - 10 Haitian gourdes worth of LALO, a favorite dish in Haiti, can feed the entire household. That's good news considering the price of imported food is on the rise with the rise of the US Dollar in the country... more »

Fact - Eating healthy plant-based foods in Haiti is cheaper than eating all that junk food

PHOTO: Haiti - Lo Patat - How sweet potato is sold in street markets Eating a whole-foods plant-based diet is much cheaper in Haiti than eating all that processed and imported junk foods that is so bad for your health more »

Cresson / Watercress contains more calcium than milk, more vitamin C than oranges, more...

Vegetables in Haiti - Cresson / Kreson (watercress in English) Many Haitians eat "kreson" (watercress) as a salad but did you know that watercress contains more calcium than milk, more vitamin C than oranges, more iron than spinach and more folate than bananas? more »

Your Health : Eating Spinach helps Lower your Blood Pressure

Fresh Organic Spinach from Haiti When it comes to lowering your blood pressure, spinach is one of the vegetables you should eat often. Just one cup of spinach everyday will do wonders to your body while maintaining blood sugar level. more »

Mango season is coming in Haiti I cannot wait

PHOTO: Fresh mangoes from Haiti - It's Mango Season! At a time when everyone is talking about lavi chè (high prices of food) in Haiti someone has just reminded me that mango season is coming... Oh yes... more »

Haitians throw away pumpkin seeds when they should eat it. Pumpkin seeds are packed with nutrition

Did you know? Pumpkin seeds are packed full of valuable nutrients, even for your prostate and bladder, but they are the first things Haitian throw away when cleaning a pumpkin for cooking. more »

In Haiti, eating fruits and vegetables is cheaper than the alternative and it's good for you

PHOTO: Haiti - Lo Patat - How sweet potato is sold in street markets If you want to eat healthy and loose weight at the same time, you have to eat fewer calories than your body uses. There's no better way to do that then to eat more fruits and vegetables. Lucky for us living in a province in Haiti, fruits and vegetables are cheap and plentiful, and organic. more »