Environmental issues in Haiti

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Haiti Environment : Metal Mining Would Be Disastrous for Haiti (VIDEO) - Read this...

Metal Mining in Haiti - A woman's hand filled with gold deposits Metal mining in Haiti will bring profits to the few and more misery for the masses, according to an Op-Ed from the New York Times. Given the unique vulnerabilities Haiti faces, mining could deal the country's environment and economy a blow from which it would never recover. more »

PHOTO: This is NOT a Movie, This is HAITI, A Village in the Middle of a Lake, Look...

PHOTO: Haitian village of Lunettes floating in Lake Azuei Haiti Environment Update -- LOOK at this photo... I thought this was a scene from a science fiction movie BUT, this is a Haitian Village is UNDER water... The Haitian village of Lunettes was swallowed by Lake Azuei between 2004 and 2012 and the lake keeps rising 'til this day... more »

By Default, Haitians have no respect for the Environment

Renewable Energy in Haiti - Green Energy TRUE or FALSE??? A large majority of Haitian university students have absolutely no reflex to protect the environment in Haiti... By default, Haitians have no respect for their environment... more »

Comparing Haiti to The Dominican Republic Part 1 - The Terrain

Last week, I was standing on top of a building in Santo Domingo and something caught my attention: There are no mountains! more »