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Haiti wakes up Relatively Calm One Day after Election Results

PHOTO: Haiti - Carrefour Aeroport Overpass Port-au-Prince Haiti One day after the presidential elections results -- Compared to all the negative anticipations many people expected in the days after the Presidential election results, Haiti woke up relatively calm... more »

Haiti's Presidential Candidates, WHERE will they find the Money to Fund ALL these Projects they are Promising?

PHOTO: Haitian Money - Haitian Currency - One Gourde My Fellow Haitians, Let's talk... The Presidential Elections is around the corner and I have a SINGLE question: WHERE in God's name will these candidates find the money to fund ALL these projects they are promising the poor voters? more »

Haiti Elections - Reginald Boulos: If I was NOT Born in the USA, my Mother and I would be DEAD...

PHOTO: Haiti - Reginald Boulos presents Commission Report to President Michel Martelly Haiti Elections Update - Haitian Candidate for Senator Reginald Boulos who was recently kicked out of the Legislative elections considers himself a victim of political EXCLUSION... Boulos, who affirmed he is 100% Haitian, explained on Radio Caraibes Saturday that his mother had to go to the United States on a visa to give birth to him due to pregnancy complications... more »

Haiti - Wyclef Jean Tweets: The Next President of Haiti might be a Woman

Wyclef For President Haitian hip hop star Wyclef Jean just posted on his Twiiter account that the next president of Haiti might be a woman... Hmmm...Witch woman do you think Clef is talking about? more »

Haiti Elections - CEP, KEP, CTCEP - "P" a vle di "Plume ne Grouille"

Haiti Elections - CEP, KEP, CTCEP, Tout C P Mezanmi.... Depi lontan gen yon problem "P" nan peyi d'Haiti... CEP, KEP, CETEP, se "P" a ki pwoblèm lan... Sanble "P" a vle di "Plume ne Grouille" oswa "Pwenn fè pa..." Li pa posib! more »

It's Official, Lunise (RAM) Will Represent LAVALAS in Upcoming Haiti Elections

RAM Lunise Morse Lunise Morse, the singer of the racine group RAM, was officially designated to represent Fanmi Lavalas, Aristide's political party, in the upcoming senatorial elections in Haiti. more »

Lunise (RAM) Candidate For Haiti Senate Under LAVALAS?

RAM Lunise Morse Lunise Exume Morse, singer of Haitian Racine music group RAM, may run for Senator of Haiti under the banner of Aristide's LAVALAS political party. more »

Haiti: Electronic Voting in the Upcoming Elections? Maybe...

Electronic Voting - e-voting in Haiti Voters in Haiti may soon experience electronic voting, also known as e-voting. Sooner than you probably expected... more »

Wyclef Speaks To The Associated Press About Being Shot In Haiti

60 minutes with wyclef jean There were reports that Singer Wyclef Jean got shot in Haiti the night before election day. We have some updates for you about this Wyclef shooting incident... more »