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Haiti Kanaval 2020 - All carnival floats in Haiti burned down by protesters

Some people are seriously acting against Carnival in Haiti this year. All of the carnival floats (chars) parked in Sylvio Cator Stadium in Port-au-Prince Haiti where burned down by armed protesters Wednesday, Feb 19 2020. more »

Haiti Carnaval 2018: "Ayiti Jan l Dwe Ye" Scheduled for 11, 12, 13 Fevrier

PHOTO: Haiti Carnaval 2018 - Ayiti Jan l Dwe Ye Haiti Carnaval 2018 is happening... Starting Sunday 11 February until Tuesday 13 February, Haitians will gather in Capital Port-au-Prince to celebrate Carnaval. The theme for carnaval this year is Ayiti Jan l Dwe Ye". more »

Haiti Carnival 2014 will be in Gonaives, 2, 3, 4 March 2014

BelKanaval - Photo Ak Video Kanaval en Haiti These days is it NOT only WHEN but WHERE will Haiti Carnaval 2014 take place... ANSWER: Gonaives, 2, 3, 4 March 2014... As soon as Christmas is over in Haiti the focus is on Carnaval... Bel Kanaval... more »

Haiti Carnaval Des Fleur 2013 Update - Music Band List

Haiti Carnaval Des Fleurs Here is the list of Haitian music groups that will participate in Carnaval des Fleurs 2013 in Port-au-Prince Haiti: more »

Haiti Carnaval Des Fleurs 2013 - July 28, 29, 30 - Are you Going?

Haiti Carnaval Des Fleurs It is happening again... Haiti Carnaval des fleurs 2013 is scheduled for July 28-30 in downtown Port-au-Prince Haiti. Are you going? more »

VIDEO: Haiti Carnaval In the Streets of Paris, May 2013

Haiti Carnaval dans les Rues de Paris - Mai 2013 Watch this video... Haitian Carnaval in the streets of Paris, May 2013 more »