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Haiti prison break attempt in Gonaives failed

Haiti Prison Break There was a attempted prison break in the Haitian city of Gonaives Sunday night. The attempt failed leaving 4 prisoners wounded. more »

Haiti Justice Scandal - Prisoner Behind Bars escorted to Bank to complete a transaction

PHOTO: Haiti Justice - La Justice ap Dòmi There is a BIG Justice scandal in the Haitian justice system in Gonaives... An accused man, imprisoned pending the investigation of a case, was escorted by police to perform a banking transaction on the orders of the Government Commissioner... more »

FLASH... Haiti - Andre Michel and Newton Saint Juste in Dificulty in Gonaives, Saturday 13 Dec 2014

Avocat Andre Michel - Haiti Breaking News... Haitian political activist Lawyers Andre Michel and Newton Saint Juste are in Great difficulty in the city of Gonaives Haiti... A group of people attacked them inside of a Radio station while they were participating in a radio show... more »

Deja... En Direk Des Gonaives for Haiti Kanaval 2014

Haiti Kanaval 2014 Gonaives - Stand yo komanse Konstwi We have just arrived in the City of Gonaives Haiti for Haiti kanaval 2014... The city is alive... Stands are being built... Lots of Houses are available for rent... more »

Mesaj Pou TOUT DJAZ ki nan Pakou Kanaval 2014 la: Sispan Kanpe nan Pakou a...

Shabba ak President Martelly ap pran plezi yo nan Kanaval Attention tout djaz ki nan pakou kanaval 2014 la nan Gonaives... Prezidan-an mande ke gen mwens kanpe ki fet nan pakou a... Sispan kanpe kan pakou a, swa kanpe pou salye sponsor, station radio, chaine television... EVITE twop aret nan pakou a... more »

Haiti Carnaval 2014 - List officiel des groupes retenus pour participer au defile

Haiti Kanaval 2014 - Tet Kole Pou Yon Haiti Pi Djanm Haiti Carnaval 2014 --- Voici la liste des groupes retenus pour participer au défilé des 3 jours gras aux Gonaïves --- Here is the list of Haitian music groups that will participate in Haiti Carnival 2014 in Gonaives... more »