Godson Orelus

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Godson Orelus, ex Haiti Police chief, arrested in Saint-Marc in connection with illegal firearms import

Godson Orelus, the former Director General of the Haitian National Police force (PNH) was arrested and placed in custody in Saint-Marc Friday by the investigating judge in charge of the case of the seizure of weapons that were imported into Haiti illegally back in 2016.

Haiti Police - Godson Orelus Reappointed Director General of PNH

Haiti president Michel Martelly has just reappointed Godson Orelus Director General of the Haiti National Police (PNH) by presidential decree...

Haiti - Police Chief Godson Orelus promises a Fight against Bandits

Haiti police chief Godson Orelus says BANDITS BEWARE... The police is coming for you... Chief Orelus has mobilized the entire Haitian police force for a fight against armed bandits who are spreading fear and insecurity in the population...