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PHOTO: Dwyane Wade IS Languichatte Debordus!

Languichatte Debordus vs Dwyane Wade What does Haitian comedian Languichatte Debordus and Miami Heat basketball star Dwyane Wade have in common? more »

First Time In Haiti - Fashion Week 2012

Haiti Fashion Week 2012 The first ever Fashion week, Fashion Week 2012, took place in Haiti last week... Bagay Maleur... From what I hear!!! more »

VIDEO - Interview - Wyclef Explains His Half-Naked Motorcycle Photo Shoot

Wyclef Jean, Half-Naked on a Motorcycle! Watch this video interview of Wyclef Jean on Power 105 radio as he explains where his nearly naked photo on a Ducati motorcycle comes from. more »

PHOTO - Wyclef Almost Naked On a Motorcyle

Wyclef Jean, Half-Naked on a Motorcycle! On October 17 2012, rapper Wyclef Jean announced his birthday by going to Twitter and sharing a photo of him, nearly naked, on a Ducati motorcycle while wearing nothing but his man panties. more »

Fabiola Fameux, From Maissade to Miss PFUR Moscow, Russia

MOSCOW, Russia - Fabiola Fameux, a Haitian-Russian was crowned Miss Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) in the city of Moscow. more »

Video: Kim Kardashian Modeling In Haiti, For Real...

Kim Kardashian and Mom Kris Jenner in Haiti Here is something you don't see everyday... Kim Kardashian, a Hollywood socialite modeling in Haiti... Cool... Paris Hilton must not be far behind LOL... Watch this video... more »

Miss Universe 2011 - Miss Haiti Didn't Win But...

Anedie Azael - Miss Haiti Universe 2011 It's over... The Miss Universe 2011 beauty pageant came to an end, Miss Haiti did not win but She had a great time... And Haiti has a record this hear... more »

3 Haitian Contestant In Miss Universe 2011

3 of the contestants in the Miss Universe 2011 beauty pageant are Haitian... GUESS Which 3... more »

She Is Haitian, Miss Bahamas Universe 2011

Anastagia Pierre, Haitienne, Miss Bahamas Universe 2011 Breaking News from Miss Universe 2011 - Miss Bahamas is also Haitian... That's 3 for Haiti... more »

She Is Haitian, Miss Turks and Caicos Universe 2011

Miss Haiti AND Miss Turks And Caicos, Both Haitian VIDEO - Breaking News from Miss Universe 2011 - Miss Turks & Caicos is half-Haitian, she speaks Haitian Creole. Watch this video... more »