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What happens when you grow old in Haiti and your children don't want to take care of you?

Alcima Fenelus - One of the Oldest Women in the World, Lives in Haiti It's in our culture, Haitians expect their children to take care of them when they grow old but is the new generation of Haitians up to the task? more »

Haiti Family Planning - More Haitian men turned up for a Vasectomy campaign than the organizers expected

A Father and His new born Baby When it comes to birth control in Haiti, a vasectomy is not common practice among Haitian men. That's why a group of doctors were so surprised when a Haiti vasectomy campaign drew more men they they expected. more »

What is a Vasectomy? Some Haitian men want to know...

Confused, scratching my head If you are a man, you are sexually active and you don't want to have babies then you need a form of male birth control. You can use a condom, you can pull out (good luck), or you can have a vasectomy. more »

Unregulated Abortion in Haiti

Abortion however is practiced heavily in Haiti, irresponsibly, in lieu and place of contraceptives. more »