76-year-old Haitian student just took his State exams in 9ème année fondamentale!

If you think it is too late to go back to school, think again! 76-year-old Haitian man Jeudy Jean Horel went back to school to finish high school in Haiti. He just took his State exams in 9ème année fondamentale. That's 4eme secondaire for in the old school system.

PHOTO: Jeudy Jean Horel the 76-year-old Haitian High School Student

Old man Jeudy he is doing exceptionally well, according to news reports...

A native of Boucan Carre, Centre, Haiti, the 76-year-old student is sending a very strong message to Haitians in Haiti and arround the world. It's never too late to try again!

Uniform and all, Jeudy Jean Horel is in 9ème année fondamentale and he just took his 'Examens Officiels', his State exams.

Depute Gary Bodeau, the president of the Cambre des Deputes in Haiti said this on his Twitter page:

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Yvette Duverge says...

WOW!!! I am truly inspired.

I am 58 working on my bachelor's. Thank you for posting this story.

I did not know that was possible in Haiti.

Congratulations Mr. Jean

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Subject: 76-year-old Haitian student just took his State exams in 9eme annee fondamentale! edit

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