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Duvalier is the Second Haitian President to die in 2014, Manigat died in June...

Haiti Presidents - Leslie Manigat - Jean Claude Duvalier Did you know? Jean Claude Duvalier is the second former chief of State in Haiti to die in the year 2014, Leslie Manigat died 27 June, 2014, and Duvalier died 04 October 2014... more »

Haiti - How Cite Soleil was born?

PHOTO: Cite Soleil - Haiti Map Cite Soleil has the reputation for being the worst bad ass slum in Haiti but did you know? Cite Soleil is a good idea in Haiti gone bad! more »

What Is Babydoc Duvalier Doing In Mitt Romney USA Politics?

jean claude baby doc duvalier What is the link between Babydoc Jean-Claude Duvalier and US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney??? more »