Haiti VISA: Dominican Republic removes $150 increase on VISA costs to Haitians

The Dominican Republic has decided to reverse its decision to increase VISA costs to Haitians from about $200US to $350US following a meeting with Haitian senate president Joseph Lambert and Chamber of Deputes president Gary Bodeau.

Dominican Republic Visa - Republica Dominicana Visa
Dominican Republic Visa - Republica Dominicana Visa

I case of emergency Haitians had to pay upwards of $350US for a Dominican visa. But thanks to an intervention of these two distinguished gentlemen, Senate president Joseph Lambert and Depute President Gary Bodeau, Dominican visa prices will go back down to their old prices.

Senator Lambert post on his Twitter page:

"Je salue la décision du Président Danilo qui a répondu favorablement à ma démarche. Son administration est en effet revenue sur la décision d'augmenter de 150$ le coût du visa accordé à nos compatriotes Haïtiens. Je suis satisfait d'avoir conduit cette délégation parlementaire"

Related Photo: Gary Bodeau and Joseph Lambert meet Dominican President Danilo Medina

(I welcome the decision of President Danilo who responded favorably to my approach. His administration has indeed reversed the decision to increase the visa cost for to our Haitian compatriots by $150. I am pleased to have led this parliamentary delegation)

What do you think about that?

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Wislet Marcelus says...

mwen byen kontan pou viza ki desanm nn bon travay gouvebman nou yo kenbe la pa

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Legrand Parisien Salvant says...

My friend, we need to stay away from propaganda.

The increase was not for Haitians, it was for any nationality getting a visa to visit RD. THERE IS NO CREDIT for Senateur Lambert since it did not have anything to do with the delegation.

These guys just think every country is being governed just like Haiti.

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Patrick Princivil says...

I encourage the Haitian people to go in front of the Dominican Republic, cry (anmwey bidje

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Olibrice says...

Malerezman nou gen plis bezwen pou yo ke yo gen bezwen pou nou san kwa se pou tout moun te rete chita lakay konsa yo tap we ke nou vo ampil pou yo nan zafe kommers konsa yo ta sispann maltrete nou menm

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Men Nouvel...

Pou Haitien ki vwayaje Sen Domeng.

Gouvenan Dominicain an deside retire $150 an plis yo te mete sou pri visa Dominican

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