Dominican Republic Visa Price In Haiti

The price of a Dominican visa in Haiti depends on who you ask. How much you pay for a Dominican visa in Haiti depends how you get it. Years ago Dominican visa price in Haiti was around $200 US but it's gone up quite a bit recently.

Dominican Republic Visa - Republica Dominicana Visa
Dominican Republic Visa - Republica Dominicana Visa

How Much Is A Dominican Visa In Haiti?

A friend of mine told me he paid $350 US to put a Dominican tourist Visa on the Haitian passport of his girlfriend so she could travel to the Dominican Republic.

That was just a couple months ago, around October 2019

My friend also tole me he had to go through a contact on the Haiti-Dominican border to get that Dominican Visa. So I don't thing that this is the price of the visa if you get it through the Dominican Consulate in Haiti.

Note: Back around December 2017, the price of a Dominican visa in Haiti was $230 US.

How much did you have to pay for your Dominican Visa in Haiti? Let us know by posting a comment and we will update this this article.

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Jcyogi says...

This is a truly sad situation.

Corrupt officials exist everywhere and unfortunately they take advantage of those most desperate/needy.

The official price of a Tourist Visa for the Dominican Republic is around $95 US

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Peterson says...

350$ I paid an agency for a Dominican Republic visa.

I see it's very important for the RD Embassy do something in the media.

It's impossible for the people to pay a visa for this price.

At the embassy is completely

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Dom Rep Visa Haiti says...

Pou zafè pri visa Republique Dominicaine, gen yon sè mwen k ap viv Sen Domeng ki di m pri normal visa dominiken en Haiti se 260 dola si w al deye li nan yon agence, men ou ka fè preske de mwa ou pa jwenn li.

Sister a di sou vle visa prese prese, ou ka peye Dom Rep visa a jiska 350 dola US si w jwen yon bon

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Visa Dominican Republic says...

Le prix d'un visa Dominicain en Haïti dépend de qui vous demandez.

Combien vous payez pour un visa dominicain en Haïti dépend de la façon dont vous l'obtenez.

Il y a des années, le prix du visa dominicain en Haïti était d'environ 200 dollars US, mais il a beaucoup augmenté récemment.

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