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Haiti Business - Clothes Manufacturer Hansae to Build Factory in Haiti, 5000 jobs!

PHOTO: Hansae Worldwide coming to Haiti Haiti Business Update -- Korean Clothes manufacturer HANSAE just signed a agreement with SONAPI build a factory in Haiti... HANSAE, one of the world's largest apparel makers with client like Nike, Gap, H&M and Abercrombie & Fitch will soon build plant in Haiti equipped to employ 5,000 people... That's new 5000 jobs in Haiti... more »

Haiti Commerce - Pri Boutey Coca Cola MONTE 20 Goud nan Ville Hinche!

PHOTO: Haiti - Coca Cola Bottled Drink Mezanmi... Konsomatè Haiti chaje ak problem... Depi lè kriz Dola American an kòmanse a, boutey Coca Cola ki te van 15 goud monte a 20 Goud... W-ap sezi tande poukisa revandè mete 5 goud monte sou chak boutèy... LOL... more »

Haitian Businessman in DR affected by Haiti-Dominican Relationship

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic Some Haitian businessmen are hurting in the Dominican Republic due to a slow down in Haitian merchants coming into DR... Recently, we met with a young Haitian businessman in Santo Domingo who said his business is deeply affected by the relationship between Haitian and the Dominican republic. more »

Haiti has one of the fastest-growing economies in the Caribbean

Haiti Open For Business Haiti now has one of the fastest-growing economies in the Caribbean, according to an article published in the New York Times... This fast-growing economy in Haiti is thanks largely to infrastructure projects financed by the money Haiti saved by buying oil at preferential terms from Venezuela... more »

Doing Business in Haiti - What is your Experience?

Haiti Open For Business You know something? As I talk to some people doing business in Haiti I am getting a different kind of warning... Scary almost... Many people start the conversation with: "Hein! Ou vle fe bisnis an Haiti? Ou granmoun? Fo-w mete granmoun sou ou wi..." Are you doing business in Haiti? Are thinking about it? What's your experience? more »

Haiti - Business : The Employee vs the "Ti Machann"

Commerce Ti Machann - Saint Louis du Sud, Haiti Who makes more money in Haiti? An employee or a Ti Machann? -- A few days ago, I overheard a man in Haiti complaining to my father about how little his monthly paycheck is... What if we compared his salary to the income of a Ti Machann? Who do you think makes more money in a month??? more »

Infrastructure: Dominican Republic among the Leaders, Haiti Sucks Big Time!

Haiti Open For Business The Dominican Republic has the third best transport infrastructure in Latin America, Haiti has the worst, according to the latest Latin America Transport Infrastructure Ranking from Latinvex, an online publication specializing in business in Latin America. Haiti ranks at the bottom of the ladder as the country with the worst qualities of ports, roads and air transport in the region... As far as SPEED in shipping containers in and out of Haiti... Haiti really sucks... more »

Doing Business in the Haiti-Dominican Border - A True Story

Haiti Tube Rafts - River Crossing into the Dominican Republic I wanted to get a better understanding of how money is made along the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, so took a trip to a border town in Plateau Central Haiti. All I can tell you is there is a web of people surviving on this type of trade, I met a few... more »

Haiti Small Business Ideas - I Need Your Input...

Haiti Small Business Ideas QUESTION - What type of small business would you start in Haiti right now? Start-up cost must be USD $500 or less, and it has to be so simple that anyone can manage it... more »

Haiti Imports more than One Million Eggs PER DAY from the Dominican Republic!

Eggs Imported to Haiti from Dominican Republic WOW... What's going on here? Chicken in Haiti don't lay eggs no more? more »