Diet and Exercise

Haiti Health & Diet: Drinking Tamarind Juice (Jus Tamarin) is good for Weight Loss

Tamarin for sale at the Marketplace - Hinche Haiti Lots of people in Haiti drink tamarind juice (jus tamarin) but did you know tamarin actually good for weight loss? Read this... more »

Haiti Healthy Diet - Sweet Potato Skin (PO Patat), It's Good for you, Eat it...

PHOTO: Organic Haitian Sweet Potato Meal Most Haitians eat Sweet Potato and throw away the skin but did you know? Eating the skin of sweet potato is good for you and can add more nutrition to your diet. more »

Moringa Tree - Every Haiti House should plant TWO In the back yard

Moringa, the miracle tree Watch this video... I just found out about Moringa Oleifera, they call it the miracle tree, a tree so High with vitamins and nutrients that every house in Haiti should have TWO planted in the back yard... more »

The New Place Boyer in Petionville with a FULLY Equipped Gym? No Way...

Fully Equipped Gym, Place Boyer, Petionville Haiti "I went to Place Boyer this morning for my morning exercise and ran into a fully equipped outdoor gym with cardio and abdo equipment," says Ed Lozama, a famous Haitian radio personality. "Every neighborhood should have one..." --- WHAT??? Did you know? The newly renovated Place Boyer in Petionville Haiti has a full equipped gym with everything you need for your morning workout... FREE Trainers too! more »

HEALTH - Water is the Most Important Ingredient

Did you know? When you deprive your body of water, it reacts in the same manner as when we deprive ourselves of food... Keep on reading... more »