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Facing the Deluge: Haiti's Battle Against Devastating Mudslides

Mudslides block the roads to Camp-Perrin Haiti after Aug 14 2021 earthquake Haiti, a country marked by rugged terrain and frequent heavy rainfall, is particularly susceptible to mudslides. The combination of deforestation, inadequate infrastructure, and poverty exacerbates the risk, as soil erosion weakens the stability of hillsides. more »

28 Haitians arrested in the Dominican Republic for cutting down trees in a National Park

PHOTO: Haitians arrested in the Domincian Republic Environment / Deforestation -- 28 undocumented Haitians were arrested in the Dominican Republic for "conuquismo", the practice of burning of forests in order to make charcoal. more »

Haiti is closer to losing its rich biodiversity than almost any other country in the world, expert says

Deforestation in Haiti - View of Haiti's deforested mountains near Los Cacaos, Plateau Central Haiti Read this... By the year 2035 more than half Haiti's species will be wiped out. Haiti is closer to losing its rich biodiversity than almost any other country in the world, says Temple University scientist Blair Hedges. more »

Haiti Environment: Trees are replaced by concrete, this screws up the water cycle

Haiti - Jalousie Slum In Living Color Deforestation is a big problem in Haiti. In many parts of Haiti, especially in and around the major cities, trees are replaced by concrete and this is the reason why the water cycle in Haiti is in big trouble. Read this... more »

Earth Week - Haiti is Dying

Deforestation in Haiti - View from the Air This week is earth week. This is the perfect time to bring up the topic of Deforestation, a sad chapter facing our homeland, Haiti Cherie. more »

Did you know about the Haitian Aerial Reforestation Project (HARP)?

How Areal Reforestation Works I was doing a little search on the web bout aerial reforestation seed bombing and I accidentally found out about the Haitian Aerial Reforestation Project (HARP). Reforesting Haiti is possible and we don't have to go around hand planting our forests... more »

Haiti : Why cut down a Mango tree to make Charcoal?

I came across something disturbing in Haiti today... I saw a couple cutting down a Mango tree somewhere in Haiti to make charcoal (koupe pye mango pou fè chabon dife) and I am having a hard time understanding the reason since a mango tree can produce mangoes that these people can sell... more »

A Greener Haiti by 2016 - Bold New Haiti Reforestation Plan

Deforestation in Haiti - View from the Air Haiti - Environment - Starting May 1st 2013, the Haitian government will begin a campaign to plant millions of trees in Haiti with a 50 year plan to take Haiti's forest coverage from a deadly 2% all the way up to 29% where Cuba stands right now. more »

Haiti Saut-d'Eau Waterfall is Running out of Water

Shocking but True... Haiti's mystical waterfall, Seau-d'Eau is running out of water... How the hell did this happen? more »

Charbon - Charcoal In Haiti - Production Pired

Charbon - Charcoal Making in Haiti How may people in Haiti do you know have a gas stove in their kitchen and still use Charcoal to cook??? more »