Crime in Haiti

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Haiti - Police Chief Godson Orelus promises a Fight against Bandits

Godson Orelus - Directeur General - Police National d'Haiti Haiti police chief Godson Orelus says BANDITS BEWARE... The police is coming for you... Chief Orelus has mobilized the entire Haitian police force for a fight against armed bandits who are spreading fear and insecurity in the population... more »

Haiti - Fanmi LAVALAS Rejects accusation Aristide is involved in Oriel Jean Assassination

Former Haiti President Jean Bertrand Aristide Members of Haiti political party Fanmi Lavalas rejects accusations that former president Jean Bertrand Aristide may have been involved in the recent assassination of he old Security chief Oriel Jean... more »

Haitian Student dies from a Bullet intended for a former Depute

Haitian Students 18 Year old Haitian student Mackendy Orelien was killed in Tabarre 4 Wednesday after a bullet intended for ex-Depute Hidson Nelson caught him in the head killing him instantly... more »

Haiti - Rocks and Bottles thrown at President Martelly, Teenager Arrested

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly Pran yon kout wosh nan tet Have you heard? Haiti president Michel Martelly was hit by rocks and bottles Saturday 21 Feb 2015 following the national funeral at Champs-de-Mars... Kinderson Esdras, a teenager, was arrested... he is facing a 15 year prison sentence for attacking a Chief of State... more »

Thomassique Haiti - ALL Hospital Solar Panels Stolen

Renewable Energy in Haiti - Green Energy We have just been informed that ALL the solar panel at the Thomassique Haiti Hospital were stolen earlier this week... According to a resident of Thomassique, 15 to 20 Solar panels were stolen, panels that the hospital uses to power up the critical equipments... more »

Son of Haitian lawyer Osner Fevry found Dead in Haiti

Osner Fevry Jr Osner Fevry Jr., the son of reputed Haiti layer Osner Fevry was found dead not far from his home Tuesday 01 July 2014 in Kenscoff Haiti. more »

Haitian Gang Leader Amaral Duclona on Trial in France, Jean Bertrand Aristide's Name Came Up In The Trial

Amaral Duclona in Handcuffs FLASH... Trial begins in France for Haitian gang leader Amaral Duclona, aka Berthone Jolicoeur, accused of kidnapping, confinement and death of a Franco-Haitian entrepreneur, Claude Bernard Lauture... Former Haiti President Jean Bertrand Aristide's name surfaced in on day two of the trial... more »

South Florida's Most Wanted Fugitive Arrested in Haiti

Wesnel Isaac - America's Most Wanted arrested in Haiti If you think you can commit a crime in the United States then go hide in Haiti you have another thing coming... A Haitian man, Wesnel Isaac, who is wanted for murder, kidnapping and robbery in South Florida was hiding in Haiti until recently... more »

Haiti - Dany Laferriere attacked and robbed, his iPad containing important documents stolen

Dany Laferriere Haitian-Canadian author and Imortal Dany Laferrière has been a victim of an assault in Port-au-Prince this Thursday, 8 May 2014. He was attacked and robbed. His iPad which contained some very important documents was stolen by these unidentified perpetrators... more »

Haitian Suspect in Jean Dominique Murder Arrested in Argentina

Jean Dominique FLASH... Authorities in Argentina have arrested and detained Markington Philippe, a suspect in the murder Haitian journalist Jean Dominique... Haitian authorities are working with Argentina authorities to extradite Markington Philippe to Haiti and bring him to justice... more »