Crime in Haiti

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FLASH: 4-Year-Old Haitian Child found in Travel Bag on Flight Paris-Istanbul

PHOTO: Haitian Child and a Travel Bag Breaking News -- A 4-year-old Haitian child, a little girl, was found hidden in a bag on an Air France flight from Istanbul to Paris... A woman was arrested Monday at his arrival at Paris-Roissy airport after traveling with this child in her bag... more »

Death Penalty in Haiti, YES or NO?

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer Capital punishment, death penalty or execution is abolished in Haiti by the 1987 constitution; however, some Haitian citizens are are questioning whether of not it should be reinstated due some of the cold blood, willful and premeditated murders that are taking place in parts of the country, especially to uniformed police officers who are being murdered in the line of duty in the capital and surrounding areas... more »

Haiti Kidnapping - Lencie Mirville Kidnappers Arrested, Hard to Believe Story...

PHOTO: Lencie Mirville - Kidnapped and Murdered in Haiti The hottest news in the Haitian media today is not only the fact that 4 suspects were arrested for the kidnapping of young Haitian college student Lencie Mirville but the WHO... Who actually did it... This is shocking... The man who brought the ransom money to the kidnappers was the kidnapper himself... The father's mechanic, a trusted man in the house. He even cried at her funeral... more »

American missionary Roberta Edwards Killed in Haiti in Her Car

PHOTO: Roberta Edwards Missionary in haiti Bad News... Port-au-Prince Haiti -- American missionary Roberta Edwards was shot and killed in her car by gunmen Monday. A 4-year-old child who was with her at the time was kidnapped, authorities said... more »

Haiti Crime - Two Police Officers Murdered in Cold Blood

Crime Scene in Haiti Two Haitian police officers, Forcena Banham and Edouard Occile, were murdered in cold blood in Drouillard, Haiti, Monday after the armed bandits they were in pursuit of turned around and shot them dead... more »

Haitian Boston Diaspora Mourns Death of Retired Policeman Yves Dambreville

PHOTO: Yves Dambreville, Retired Haitian-American Boston Policeman Haiti Diaspora News -- The Haitian community in Boston is mourning the death of one of their own, retired Haitian-American Boston police detective Yves Dambreville, 66, who was shot and killed in Port-au-Prince during a recent visit. more »

Haiti Crime - Former Police Chief Jean Nesly Lucien Shot Twice in Port-au-Prince, 1 Dead

Jean Nesly Lucien - Haiti Police Chief Port-au-Prince Haiti - Jean Nesly Lucien, former Director General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), was the victim of an assassination attempt in Tabarre Wednesday afternoon, 26 August 2015... more »

Haiti Drug Lord Jacques Ketant to be Released from Prison in the United States

PHOTO - Jacques Ketant - Haitian Drug Lord Notorious Haitian cocaine kingpin Jacques Ketant who accused former Haiti president Jean Bertrand Aristide of accepting drug-related bribes will be released from a USA prison after his 27-year sentence was reduced in half due to his cooperation that led to many other arrests of big drug dealers in Haiti... more »

Haiti Justice - Osner Fevry Jr committed suicide, Judge's Decision

Osner Fevry Jr A Haitian court judge has concluded... There is no evidence go after anyone accused of murdering Osner Fevry Jr... The young man committed suicide, the judge says. more »

AUDIO: Haiti - Bombshell Interview - Oriel Jean Explains how Aristide was involved in Jean Dominique Murder

Jean Dominique - Jean Bertrand Aristide Listen to this AUDIO... After his death, Oriel Jean's interview was released in which the former security chief of Jean Bertrand Aristide explained in details how the Haitian ex-president and his close supporters plotted and executed the murder of journalist Jean Dominique, assassinated April 3, 2000... more »