Crime in Haiti

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Assault rifle used to rob a bank in Santo Domingo belongs to Haitian Police (PNH)

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic What is an assault rifle belonging the Haitian National Police force (PNH) doing in a bank robery in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic? Read this... more »

Haitian sentenced to 30 years for murder in Dominican Republic after extradition from Haiti

PHOTO: Haitian National Guerno Touloute in the Hands of Dominican Police accused of Murder A Haitian man who ran from the Dominican Republic (DR) to come hide in Haiti after committing a crime was extradited back to DR where he received a 30 year sentence for murder. more »

FLASH: Sister of Haiti Education Minister Josue Agenor Cadet Shot and Killed

Crime Scene in Haiti Breaking News... The big sister of Haiti's Minister of National Education was murdered late Monday night at her home in St-Louis du Nord, Haiti. more »

Haiti bank robbery at FONKOZE caisse populaire in Gros-Mornes leaves 3 people wounded

FONKOZE - Haiti Caisse Populaire - Haiti Micro Finance A bank robbery at the FONKOZE caisse populaire in Gros-Mornes, Artibonite Haiti, leaves 3 people wounded and many clients in tears. more »

Haiti Crime - Haitian Police want to punish family and friends who harbor Criminals

Clifford Brandt in Handcuffs, Arrested and Convicted for Kidnapping in Haiti One problem that exists in Haiti in terms of crime and punishment is the fact that known criminals are safely harbored by their family and friends who in turn enjoy the fruits of this dirty work. Haitian Police want to do something about that. more »

Haiti Crime: Petionville, Janet beauty supply store owner shot and killed in armed robbery

Crime Scene in Haiti Crime in Petionville Haiti - One of the owners of Janet beauty supply store at rue Chavannes was shot and killed in an armed robbery Friday... more »

Dorchester USA Most Wanted Fugitive Captured in Haiti

|Jean Weevens Janvier - US Marshals Most Wanted - Captured in Haiti If you think you can commit a crime in the United States then go hide in Haiti you have another thing coming... A Haitian man, Jean Weevens Janvier, who is wanted for a double murder in Dorchester Massachusetts was hiding in Haiti until recently... more »

Insecurity in Haiti - Haitian Journalists PLEASE, STOP IT!

Crime Scene in Haiti Did you know? In the United States, an estimated 1,197,704 violent crimes occurred nationwide in 2015. How many violent crimes occurred in Haiti that same year? more »

FLASH: Haiti Kidnapping - Clifford Brandt Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison

Clifford Brandt in Handcuffs, Arrested and Convicted for Kidnapping in Haiti After 4 years of "meli melo" with the Clifford Brandt kidnapping case, the man was finally found guilty and sentenced to 18 years in prison for the kidnapping Nicolas and Coralie Moscoso... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Police Officer Shot DEAD in Aux Cayes Early Morning Monday

PHOTO: Haiti Police - PNH en Deuil Breaking News... Les Cayes Haiti -- One UDMO Police Officer was shot DEAD in the city of Aux Cayes in an apparent attack on the police force. Another unidentified man wearing an army camouflage and carrying an automatic weapon... more »