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Will Haitians Ever STOP using Charcoal as a Cooking Fuel?

Charcoal Burning in Haiti - Charcoal as Cooking Fuel When I returned in Haiti almost three years ago, the very first decision I made was to BAN the use of charcoal (Charbon de Bois) from my house... No more chabon, not even for ironing clothes... So far, it's been successful in my house BUT... Can Haitians Ever DETACH themselves from charcoal as cooking fuel? more »

Haitian Cuisine - Can a Haitian Cook without MAGGI?

Bouillon Cubes - Haitians call them all MAGGI I was reading an article online that says: "Maggi is in every meal in West Africa" and I started laughing because I know that virtually everything you eat in Haiti has a bouillon cube in it... more »

Refrigeration in Haiti - Why do Haitians in Haiti simply hate leftover refrigerated food?

Many Haitians use a refrigerator ONLY to chill water, keep the juice cold and to make ice In America, Haitians in the Diaspora call leftover food "YESTERDAY" but in Haiti they call it "Manje Dòmi." Nobody wants to eat manje dòmi... I have a cousin who likes his water freezing cold but he will not eat any food if it spends one night in the refrigerator... Why is that so? more »

Haiti Idea Factory - The stove that burns less charcoal

Charcoal Burning in Haiti - Charcoal as Cooking Fuel Imagine a stove that burns 55% less charcoal, made in Haiti... The ideas needed change Haiti already exist somewhere out there. It is up to us, pitit peyi-a, to borrow these ideas and bring them home. more »

Haiti - Lemon Is A Hard To Find Commodity

Daily Haitian food shopping list - Groceries from the local marketplace Hinche, Haiti - I have been trying to get my hands on some fresh lemons for a homemade medicine... more »

Charbon - Charcoal In Haiti - Production Pired

Charbon - Charcoal Making in Haiti How may people in Haiti do you know have a gas stove in their kitchen and still use Charcoal to cook??? more »

Haitian Restaurant owner says: If I make the food healtier customers will NOT buy It!

caribbean food A Haitian restaurant owner in the Miami area told me whenever he tries to make his food healthier, his Haitian customers complain. He he persists, he looses his customers. more »