Canadian Beer Links to Cola Couronne In Haiti

Pop Quiz: Which Canadian beer making company is linked to Brasserie de la Couronne in Haiti? Nope... It's not Molson...

Beer in Canada - Links To Haiti
Beer in Canada - Links To Haiti

If you have ever tasted these beers from Canada: Tremblay, Cheval Blanc, Gamme Belle Gueule, Coup De Grisou, Sainte-paix, Death Valley, Snoreau, Gamme D'achouffe or Cap Espoir, than you are drinking a bear from Les Brasseurs RJ...

That's 'RJ' as in Roger Jaar, a Haitian of Arab descent who owns the Coca-Cola plant in Haiti (Brasserie de la Courone S.A.)

O.. O... Ou pat konn sa?
Se pa Gran Mangeur non cheri...
Se Grand ManJAAR... LOL...

I just found out: Brasserie de la Couronne S.A (the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Haïti) is owned by the Jaar Family... Guess what... Les Brasseurs RJ is a microbrewery located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, also owned by the Jaar family, Roger and Raymond Jaar.

The story goes like this:

After the coup d'Etat in Haiti by General Raoul Cédras in 1991, Roger Jaar started looking to invest outside of Haiti. He wanted to open a brewery in South Beach (Miami) Florida but eventually ended up opening it in Canada.

Care for more? Read: Du Coke en Haïti à la Sainte Paix au Québec and Les Jaar: quand les brasseurs Haïtiens réussissent au Québec

Well... Yo di malere pa konn bati lekol... I hope to see the name JAAR engraved in front of a university or memorial library in Haiti some day! Hopeully all the 'Grand Mangeur' drinkers can become 'Grand Thinkers'

Wishful thinking...

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