Harboring a Fugitive in Haiti? You Will Go TO Jail...

Haitian authorities are on the hunt for kidnappers in Haiti these days and they make it very clear to the public: If you are harboring a criminal in you house you will be prosecuted as well, as an accomplice.

Police National d'Haiti - Pwoteje e Sèvi - Arete Vagabon...

Sa vle di... Si-w konnen big bòs la se kidnapè li ye epi ou kite li kashe lakay ou... ou gen pou-w manje prizon men jan ak li...

Kreyòl Pale... Kreyòl Konprann...

Papa-m toujou di: "rèsèlè" pi rèd pase volè!"

One thing that is too common in Haiti is that criminals usually hide in plain site.

Am I the only one who feels that way? Seriously... Somebody commits a crime in Port-au-Prince, they can go anywhere else in the country and no one will alert the police.

I don't know exactly why but I feel that Haitian citizens are NOT very proactive in assisting authorities in the maintenance of law and order.

But MOI... I don't wanna go to jail... so if you are in trouble with LA LWA... please do not come hide in my house...

M'ap PALE wi mwen menmmmmmm....

I have 3 questions for you:

Question 1 - Saying it is one thing but.. Are there any laws and penalties that you know of for harboring a fugitive?

Question 2 - If Haitian citizens are made aware of such a law, don't you think it will make Haiti safer?

Question 3 - If you think something suspicious is happening in your neighbor's back yard in Haiti. isn't it your moral obligation to alert the police?

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