Cholera in Haiti

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Haitians file NEW cholera lawsuit against the United Nations

Minustah And Cholera Are Twins A new group of Haitians have filed another lawsuit against the United Nations over the thousands of cholera deaths in Haiti they claim the UN is responsible for... more »

Cholera may be staying in Haiti permanently... Are you Serious?

Haiti cholera superstition BAD News... WORSE News... It looks like Cholera is here to stay in Haiti... According to Dr. Glenn Morris, director of the Emerging Pathogens Institute at the University of Florida, the strain of cholera imported into Haiti by United Nations MINUSTAH soldiers from Nepal may be staying in Haiti permanently. more »

Same cholera strain found in Haiti has now spread to Mexico

Minustah And Cholera Are Twins A South Asian strain of cholera that was introduced into Haiti three years ago this month has now spread to America's mainland... It has now spread into Mexico, NPR news says... more »

Haiti Cholera - Why wont the United Nations (UN) take responsibility?

Minustah And Cholera Are Twins Everyone is pointing fingers at the United Nations for introducing cholera to Haiti but the United nations is playing politics, they say the evidence is inconclusive, they say they have immunity. more »

Cholera, the Disaster brought to Haiti by UN People

Minustah And Cholera Are Twins Most people... don't even know that United Nations troops brought cholera to Haiti in October of 2010... more »

Hurricane Sandy: It is Not Over for Haiti - Lavi Che, Cholera, etc...

Haiti :: Hurricane Sandy - The River in the Back Yard! I just read an article that says: Haiti will see the deadliest effects of Sandy in the coming days and weeks! more »

The latest Haiti Cholera updates, 6000 Dead, 400000 Infected

Guayamouc River - Sully (Hinche Haiti) The Haiti cholera outbreak has claimed over 6,000 Haitian live and a reported 400,000 more Haitians have been infected... The UN says it's because Haitians NOW rely on river water... Now??? Really??? more »

Origin Of Haiti Cholera Outbreak FOUND!

Minustah And Cholera Are Twins Scientists confirmed - It was a group of peacekeepers from Nepal that brought the cholera to Haiti. more »

Origin Of Haiti Cholera Outbreak Confirmed, UN Haiti Cholera Report Completed!

Haiti health, Haiti Hospital, Haiti Medical Finally, The United Nations admits that the source of the cholera outbreak in Haiti is from fecal matter from United Nations peacekeepers, MINUSTAH in Mirebalais... Well not exactly... more »