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FLASH: Cap-Haitien Haiti barricaded ahead of 18 November 2018 Street Protests

Moise Jean Charles wants President Jovenel Moise to Rache his Manyok Breakign news... The Haitian city of Cap-Haitien has been completely barricaded since last night, Friday November 16th, ahead of 18 November 2018 Street Protests. more »

Trouble in Cap-Haitien, Tropicana spokesperson dies in a political meeting hosted by Senators Youri Latortue and Jacques Sauveur Jean

PHOTO: Incident at Cafe Trio, Cap-Haitien, Tropicana's Jacques Dubois dies There was a major incident in Cafe Trio in Cap Haitien Saturday. During a political meeting in an overcrowded room, unknown individuals allegedly threw tear gas inside and the chaos that followed caused the death of Jacques Dubois, a local radio host and spokesperson for Tropicana music band, and left dozens causes severely irritated from tear gas exposure. more »

Haiti Flooding - Cap Haitien Under Water Again, second time in February

PHOTO: Flooding in Cap Haitien Haiti - Residents trying to push a vehicle out of the flood water Many people are reporting on the Haitian social media networks that many neighborhoods in the city of Cap-Haitien is under water for the second time in the month of February... more »

Haiti Hotels - Marriott Plans to Open a Second Hotel in Haiti

PHOTO: Habitation Jouissant Cap Haitien to become Marriott Autograph Collection Hotel in 2017 Good News for Haiti's Tourism Industry - MARRIOTT will add a second Luxury hotel in Haiti, this time in Cap Haitien... Habitation Jouissant Hotel in Cap-Haitien will soon join the Marriott Autograph Collection... more »

Haiti Inondation - $34 Million Gourdes released for Cap Haitien Flood Relief

PHOTO: Haiti - Flooding in Cap Haitien - Flood victims in line for government assistance... Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe announces that 34 million gourdes have been relased for assistance in Cap Haitien, a city flooded from the recent rainfall. more »

Northern Haiti Flooding - More than 1,200 homes flooded in Cap-Haitien

PHOTO: Haiti Inondation - Flooding in Cap Haitien More than 1,200 homes in Cap-Haitien are flooded... A vast number of crops have been damaged and livestock killed in Northern Haiti... This is according to the latest news reports coming from Haitian authorities... more »

UPDATE: Northern Haiti Flooding - Things are really bad over there...

PHOTO: Northern Haiti is Flooded, Cap Haitien, Limonade, etc... Things are really bad in Northern Haiti... Flooding everywhere... Mezanmi, Tout zone Nord Peyi d'Haiti Inondé... Limonade / Quartier-Morin inonde, Grande Rivière du Nord, Limbe, Petite Anse, Fort Saint Michel, tout inonde... Anpil commune inonde nan departement Nord la... more »

FLASH... Haiti - Flooding (Inondation) in Cap-Haitien - News coming via Social Media

PHOTO: Haiti - Inondation au Cap-Haitien BREAKING NEWS - Inondation au Cap Haitien -- Minutes ago, news started to pour in via the Haitian social media networks the the City of Cap Haiti is flooded... We don't know yet how bad it is but photo shared on Social media are showing lots of water in the streets of Cap Haitien... more »

Cap-Haitien Flight Deals from American Airlines, Check it out!

American Airlines Cheap Flight Deals to Cap Haitien, Haiti "Crystal-clear waters. White sandy beaches. Is this a dream? Nope, American has great deals on flights to Cap Haitien, our newest destination." This is how American Airlines is promoting it newest destination to Haiti.. How do you like that? more »

FLASH - Haiti - Prison Break in Cap Haitien Early Saturday 20 September 2014

Haiti Prison Break Breaking News - There is another Haiti Prison in Haiti, this time in Cap Haitien prison... 5 prisoners attempted to escaped at the Prison Civile du Cap Haitien early Saturday Morning 20 Sep 2014, around 2 am, two were stoped by police and 3 got away... more »