Brewing in Haiti

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Heineken to invest 100 Million dollars in Haiti

Bierre prestige Heineken has just announced that it plans to invest more than than 100 million dollars in Haiti... Of course to produce more beer... What you didn't know? Heineken owns Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti (BRANA)... Poko sezi pitit... LOL... There's more! more »

Heineken and Guinness own Haiti's PRESTIGE Beer Brand

Bierre prestige In case you didn't know, let me tell you... Heineken and Guinness now own 100 percent of the Haitian beer brand PRESTIGE... Heineken International owns 95 percent and Guinness owns the remaining five percent... more »

Heineken to Buy 95 Percent Stake of Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti

Bierre prestige Heineken announced that it is increasing its stake Brasserie Nationale D'Haiti (BRANA), the Haitian brewing company, from 22.5 percent to 95 percent... more »