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How Discrimination keeps Haitians out of Major League Baseball (MLB)

PHOTO: Miguel Sano - Haitians in Major League Baseball (MLB) Are there any Haitian Professional Baseball Players??? As many as 1 in 10 Dominicans are of Haitian descent. So why do we know of virtually no Haitian Dominicans in the major leagues? more »

Cuban baseball player Jose Dariel Abreu establishes residency in Haiti in order to cash in

Jose Dariel Abreu - - Cuban baseball player with Haiti Residency What are the advantages of becoming a resident of Haiti? For Cuban baseball player Jose Dariel Abreu it could mean $50 million in guaranteed money in the Major League Baseball (MLB). more »

The Haitian Baseball Association? This is New...

Reginal Simon, Haitian Baseball Player Move over Haitian soccer fans... Baseball is coming to Haiti... Say Hello to the AHBS, l'Association Haitienne de Baseball et de Softball (The Haitian Baseball and Softball Association) more »