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Which bank offers a higher interest rate these days?

PHOTO: Haiti - SOGEBANK Hinche I was reading an article about saving money during financial crisis and one of the advice is to move my money to a bank that offers a higher interest rate. more »

Haitian banks risk being dropped by their correspondent US banks

PHOTO: Haiti - SOGEBANK Hinche Bad News from the Haitian Banking sector -- Haitian banks are at risk of losing their correspondent US banks with the new measures taken by the US government to combat money laundering and terrorism, Haiti Press Networks reports... more »

Banks in Haiti - ONE Branch Serves an entire Region, Result : Long Lines

Banking in haiti - long lines There is one UNIBANK branch in the city of Hinche Haiti, people drive all the way from Maissade, Marmont, Thomonde, Thomassique, Lospalis, Cerca la Source, Cerca Carvajal for all their banking needs... There are 3 bank tellers at most, and lines are excessively long... more »

Banks in Haiti - Bill Gates Is Funding Mobile Banking In Haiti

Bill Gates offers $10 Million Dollars to fund for mobile banking in Haiti. Very soon, you will be able to send and receive money using only your cell phone in Haiti thanks to the Bill gates and Melinda Gates Foundation who has created a $10 million fund for mobile banking services in the country. more »

Haiti Justice Scandal - Prisoner Behind Bars escorted to Bank to complete a transaction

Justice is sleeping in Haiti - The justice system has been put to sleep by crooked politicians and a corrupt oligarchy There is a BIG Justice scandal in the Haitian justice system in Gonaives... An accused man, imprisoned pending the investigation of a case, was escorted by police to perform a banking transaction on the orders of the Government Commissioner... more »