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Angelina Jean, full name Angelina Claudinelle Jean, is the adopted daughter of Haitian-American Rap star Wyclef Jean and his wife Claudinette.

Wyclef and Claudinette adopted Angelina back in 2005 from their native Haiti when she was just a baby.


Wyclef Jean Receives a Key to the City of Brooklyn (VIDEO)

Wyclef Jean, his wife Claudinette and daughter Angelina -  Wyclef gets key to the City of Brooklyn Haitian-American hip hop star Wyclef Jean was awarded the key to the city of Brooklyn on Thursday, August 16 2018, during a ceremony at the annual Wingate Summer Concert Series. more »

Wyclef adopts Haitian baby daughter Angelina

Haitian rap legend Wyclef Jean and his wife Marie Claudinette have just brought home their new baby daughter Angelina Claudinelle whom they adopted from their native Haiti. more »