Special Christmas Message that All Haitians should read

Hi, This is Woodring Saint Preux

I wanted to take this occasion to wish you a Merry Christmas
I also wanted to share with you a special message I received via email

Here it is, a Special Christmas Message that All Haitians should read.

From: C W Polo
Read the full message here:


Haiti has not always been the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.
We Haitians made it so.

Our illustrious leaders of governments since the early 1900's
have all contributed to our shameful image, and
the rest of us jump off board abandoning a sinking ship
to go live as a divided people wherever life takes us.

We are Capois, Jacmeliens, Port-au-Princiens, Jeremiens, etc, etc,
but not Haitians.

We don't think of ourselves as one People. We tend to distance ourselves from
other Haitians who don't look like us, talk like us, dress like us.

We tend to project an unrealistic image of ourselves around others,
we stop speaking Creole when others are observed in the area
or simply ignore those who speak Creole around us.

We have an identity crisis because we don't like who we are,
and therefore don't like our fellow countrymen.

Haiti does not suffer from a lack of money;
there is plenty of money in the country.

Haiti suffers from a lack of consciousness from the part of
those in charge of the money.

Haiti suffers from selfishness from those
who could help but refuse to do so.

Haiti suffers from the spirit of division that is eating us all
like an incurable cancer that kills our ability to get together
for the good of our country;

therein lies the problem,
we simply stop caring or perhaps we never cared.

Haiti will not change unless we, Haitians, change.

For too long we make a mockery of the inscription on our Flag
"L'Union Fait La Force" (united we are strong)

For too long we look the other way
while those left behind are suffering and dying in misery.

How much longer are you willing to watch and do nothing?

How many more must die.

How many?
(Somalia, Rwanda, Darfur and now Zimbabwe, do they ring a bell?)

May the Christmas season and the New Year bring a much needed change
in all of us Haitians.

And may you find in your spirit the will to
embrace a Haitian other than a friend or relative
and tell them "I love you brother/sister"

It's hard, I know,
it's always hard to give what you don't have.

Make the effort.

After all isn't what Christmas all about?
Out of love for us all God, on Christmas day,
sent his only son to die for our sins.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

Read the full message here:

Reply to this message here:

Share this message will your family and fiends,
Email this message to at least 10 Haitian people you know

Merry Christmas

Woodring Saint Preux

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Mizeliah says...

What so important about it that you we enjoy so much to send it to 10 other peoples Are you serious?

Mon che ekri bagay ki pou atire moun min pa choute sou moun-n. Mwin pa di sa-ou ekri an pa bon min an nou apran-n rinmin kompatriyo-t nou yo kelke swa jan yo ye. Tout lot moun-n gin defo pa yo min yo choute lin sou lo-t pou monte tet yo STOP it.

By the way I know you are "Woodring StPreux and you said

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