It is very hard to pick on of 100's of sites and make it the Haitian Site of the week

This week's pick was based on content

If you don't know much about Haiti and you would like to get a basic idea about Haiti and it's culture, then the site to visit is

UPDATE: This site is no longer in service

About HaitiABC: "HaitiAbc.Com is an educated way of helping to put Haiti back on track.

Here in we do not intend to make you an expert in any particular field or subject, but we are trying to bring you the A-B-C or the basics as guidance before telling stories or making important decisions. Because we don't know everything and don't have all the materials at our disposal, we welcome every help to make this site a better page for you and everybody else who may have a need for it."

The most amazing part of the site is a rare picture of Charlemagne Peralte, a famous Haitian Activist.

Apparently one of the members of HaitiABC is related to Charlemagne Peralte and that picture was given to her by her grandmother

Can you guess which picture it is?

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