Robot Scorpion - The Most Popular Haiti YouTube Video

The most popular Youtube video out of Haiti is that of a Haitian Popper named Robot Scorpion. This Break-dance popping video has been viewed a whopping 1,056,798 times on YouTube as today.

Watch the video here and post your comments below:

So far Robot Scorpion and his video is catching media attention.

Danny, my brother in law called me from New York and told me that Le Nouvelliste, a popular Haitian news paper, just wrote an article about it.

I am also finding out that the video received some help reaching the ONE million mark. blog in particular, BSYTYCD (Blogging So You Think You Can Dance), a TV Dance Blog, started a drive back in May 2008 to get other dance web site owners to show the video on their sites in order to boost it's views on YouTube and help it get media attention.

Here is an excerpt from their post:

We'd like to explore the possibility of finding this guy and getting him some international bookings, assuming he wants them. Given the circumstances in Haiti, there can't be many opportunities for a dancer to make a living, and the entire country can use all the economic stimulus it can get.

First, it would be great if we can get this video seen and elevated to the status of 'internet meme' [another Youtube video].

It's currently at 375,575 views on Youtube. That's good, but probably not enough to attract mainstream attention. Please post it to any appropriate blogs or send it to any friends who would enjoy it."

This is the power of YouTube, when you have talent and there is a video camera near by, many things can happen.

Speaking of video camera... guess where the video come from?

Hint: It was filmed by a medical student from Korea! did a little research and found out that the video was shot and put on YouTube by a man that neither Robot Scorpion nor the Haitian community knows about.

His name is Sun-Min Kim, he was born in Korea, grew up in Japan, and he is currently a medical student at the University of California, San Diego

So how did Sun-Min Kim end up at a soccer match in Haiti?

Sun-Min Kim's family are missionaries and was a volunteer at an orphanage in Haiti.

Although "Le Nouvelliste" calls Robot Scorpion the Haitian YouTube Millionaire, I doubt if he is getting any attention in Haiti where he lives. more than one million views showcasing his talent on YouTube I certainly hope Robot Scorpion gets the break that he deserves. The man is talented, I had to rewind the video at least twenty times to make sure there was no strings attached him when he lifted himself off the ground wile popping (I guess that what the dance is called).

Best of luck to Robot Scorpion and a big thank to Le Nouvelliste and BSYTYCD for showing interest in our young Haitian talents.

Now... How do we get this video seen on CNN?

My name is Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

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Sara says...

Does anyone know if Robot Scorpion is ok?

If anyone has any information please post. Thank

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Miguel says...

que tal talento podria compararlo al de michael jakcson pero con otro estiloojala que tambien cante y componga seria genial auna si suerte amigo te mereces lo mejor eres unico ojala sea el inicio de un nuevo vaile seria todo un bum

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Guerline Charles says...

i love the robot scorpion man this is the best dance, my favorte so it, love it, loveooooooooooo

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Berline says...

i know someone who could help, i'm gonna find out, but i'm sure he could help to get this video seen on CNN. he is an amazing dancer and i'm so pride of

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Stefano says...

I have seen a lot of his perfomance live when i was in Haiti and he is my

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