RESTAVEC'ism Puts Haiti in the BAD list of Countries with the Most Slaves

Would you believe that Haiti, the first country who fought and won against slavery, is now ranked #2 in the list of countries of the most slaves in the world? Why? A RESTAVEC is a slave! As if you didn't know...

Restavek in Haiti, the Vlad Sokhin photographs

The Global Slavery index 2013 puts Haiti on top of the list of slave countries behind India and Mauritania ranking among the countries with the highest prevalence of modern slavery.

A slave, by definition, is a person who is the legal property of another person and is forced to work for that person without pay.

Well... Except for the "legal property" part, a RESTAVEC in Haiti is pretty much a slave.

Keep in mind, a RESTAVEC is, for the most part, an under age child.

We know it is but nothing is being done about it... Probably because, in Haiti, the same people who arein a position create and enforce the law, they have little RESTAVECs of their own.

Believe me, we want to promote Haiti as the country who said NO to slavery... Not the country who continue to tolerate it.

What do you think should be done about this RESTAVEC issue in Haiti?

Who's got the balls to do it?

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Thara says...

I agree entirely with you but I think the solution is to build an orphanage and a shelter in each city to help orphans and not only for orphans but also for children who are suffering, they are mistreated without reason.

If God asks us to love our neighbors as ourselves, why do we do the opposite?

Sometimes we do not think.

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Patrico says...

Restavec is another name for child slavery.

It's government and law makers as well as every individual's duty to ensure liberty and basic human rights in and out of

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Wilkenson says...

Dear all,

It's really time to do something about this issue that causes huge damages to our society and country.

I've lived the life of a "restavek" when I was a child.

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Subject: RESTAVEC'ism Puts Haiti in the BAD list of Countries with the Most Slaves edit

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