The Land Lord Vs. The Internet Marketer

If you don't want to be rich, then maybe this article will not mean much to you But... If you're looking for any alternative to working the nine to five... then you will love this article

My life as a Landlord
Article by: SP, Woodring

The bank called me on the 15th around 7:00 PM

The Bank: Mr Saint Preux, the reason I'm calling is because we haven't received your payments yet.

Mr Saint Preux: Well, that's probably because I haven't sent it yet. it is scheduled to be paid online tomorrow, the 16th

The Bank: Well Sir, we do accept credit cards over the phone

Mr. Saint Preux: You probably didn't hear me, It is scheduled to be paid online tomorrow. That means my bank will pay your bank tomorrow

The Bank: Well Sir, there will be charge of $42.93 added to your payment, Sir

Mr. Saint Preux: A late Fee!.. you're gonna charge me a late fee?... But your letter says if received "after" the 16th

The Bank: That's right sir!... Tomorrow is the 16th but it take a couple of days for us to process the payment

Mr. Saint Preux: So I gotta pay a late fee because it takes you 2 days to process my payment which is on time!

The Bank: Actually, Sir, your payment was due on the 1st, why did you schedule it for the 16th?

Mr. Saint Preux: Because I'm having trouble collecting the rent from my tenants...

Then my eyes opened up and I said to myself...

"Oh my God!
My life is in the hands of these freakin' tenants"

  • my life
  • my sanity
  • my credit
  • my future
  • my kids college money

and if they refuse to pay, I will loose...

  • my investment
  • my money
  • my time that I spent
  • everything

I got into this real estate thing and it was supposed to be easy.

  • The tenants pay the rent
  • I send the money to the bank
  • I keep the rest
  • and if they don't
  • I will kick them out
  • well not exactly...

My goal was to become a Real Estate Investor... Instead, i became a land lord

  • I paid a lawyer $400
  • I went to court
  • One day he didn't show up
  • Neither did the tenant
  • I tried to explain the the judge "She owes me $3000 your honor and I want her out"
  • The judge looked at me and said "This is how you handle it in the streets, that's not how you do it inside the court room"
  • I'm getting scewed left and right

That's my life as a Landlord

My life as an Internet Marketer

If I didn't try them both I would say that life as an internet marketer is tough but...

Now that I'm looking for ways to become rich without being a landlord, it's really a piece of cake

1 - It takes a lot of your time - time that would have been spent watching TV in the first place

2 - It takes a lot of courage - sometimes you stare at the monitor for so long trying to create your own product, your eyes start to hurt

3 - but it's fun though... If I didn't take the time to sit down and write this article for you, you would have the fun you're having reading it

4 - Less things can go wrong... I mean every once in a while I might accidentally delete an important file that I'm working on but it's nothing compared to being a landlord

5 - No Tenants, No Broken Doors, Only one mouse... that alone makes it more worthwhile for me

The major differences between
The Landlord and The Internet Marketer

Real Estate (RE) Vs. Internet Marketing (IM)

RE: My 3 family house cost $130.000,
IM: My domain name cost me $6.95

RE: $117,000 mortgage for 30 years
IM: $69.90 and it's paid for 10 years

RE: $1,287.32 a month just for the mortgage
IM: $24.99 a month to my web hosting company

RE: I have to go around collecting rent
IM: ClickBank accepts credit cards for me and sends me a check every 2 weeks

RE: If all goes well, I should have $100 of 2 left in my pocket

IM: All I have to do is sell 10 eBook packages and I make $340 to $500

RE: If my tenants refuse to pay me, I have to pay the mortgage myself

IM: If I make no sale one month, it's no big deal, I pay $25 Host4Profit, my web hosting company

RE: I spend a lot of money at Home Depot
IM: I don't

RE: My tenants broke my front door
IM: I don't have any tenants

RE: There are mice in the house, I have to call New England Pest Control
IM: I love my mouse

RE: If I can't pay the mortgage, I'm screwed
IM: My domain name is paid for 10 years

Let me ask you a question:

Which of the two do you think I like the best?

If you're thinking about becoming a landlord then come down to Providence, RI... I have a house that I would love to sell you


If you're thinking about Internet Marketing then I can help you there to

1 - goto if you are interested in making money online

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