TASK: Build a new Haiti Capital City, where would you build it?

If you were asked to build a new capital city in Haiti, where would you build it?

View of a Modern City - SimCity Video Game
View of a Modern City - SimCity Video Game

I am bringing this up because Port-au-Prince is surrounded by mountains... Every time it rains, flood water comes rushing down these mountains carrying every piece of trash in its path down with it.

So to make of Port-au-Prince a modern capital city, the city planners MUST find a way channel all that flood water away from the city.

They also have to find a way to move ALL the people in slums and run down neighborhoods by the ocean side (cite soleil, cite letenel, la saline, sou rail, etc...) away from that piece of real estate... Good luck...

After all, a modern Caribbean city would be best built right on the edge of the ocean... That's what tourists come to the Caribbean for... right??? Blue skies, blue ocean, delicious rum punch, and white sandy beaches...

Also... I notice that in the United States, the FINANCIAL capital of a state is not the POLITICAL capital of that state.


Florida... Financial capital, Miami... Political capital Tallahassee..

New York... Financial capital, New York City... Political capital Albany...

In Haiti, Port-au-Prince is the EVERYTHING capital of Haiti... Financial, political, tet fe mal, manifestation, trash, crisis, slum... you name it capital of Haiti...

Because Port-au-prince is the political capital of Haiti, Cite Soleil alone can destabilize the entire governing body of the Republic... Se pa vre?

So let me ask you...

If you were asked to build a new capital city in Haiti, where would you build it and why?

Come on... Let's play... Let's think out loud... After all, you never know who may end up reading what you are writing...

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Hugues says...

Port-au-Prince's central location is well suited for a capital city.
Tallahasee is too far away from average Floridians, hence the intractable corruption between the planters, the politicians and the moneyed class from the rest of the country.

Clean Port-au-Prince's canals and sewers.

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Hungry Nigha says...

Is the answer

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John says...

Fuck Haiti, this shit is never gonna change, so why fucking talk about it?

To change Haiti, you would have to kill everybody in it otherwise you would never reach your goal, because they are the reason why Haiti is such a mess.

I am only 18 years old, the reason I am here is because my friends are making fun of me, because I'm from

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Jean-frantz says...

Look towards the Artibonite department.

Either in "Saint-Marc" or Gonaïves. They are both located in the middle of Haiti away from the fault lines.

Saint-Marc is most idle, because it is a coastal city and well guarded with Gonâve acting as its barrier island (hurricanes etc.).

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Joe says...

cite soleil, haiti needs to move the big buildings by the

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Patrick Princivil says...

Cite soleil, Delmas 2 and

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Rich says...

Jeremie should be the best place to build a new capital, away from all the dramas, away from P-au-P, because the people who are in P-au-P now won't be able to make the transfer easily, plus Jeremie is pretty much far away from all the other cities.

Plus there got a lot more space than the other state & very few amount of people live there.

I say, go build the capital in Jeremie.

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John says...

Jeremie is the best, further away for uncle

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They Both Full Of Bs says...

Where ever they moved the capital of Haiti, the same thing will happen again at a certain time of years.

It will be crowded again.

Port-au-Prince wasn't always crowded but now it

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John Smith says...

Les Cayes without a

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