RE: The Passing of Johnnie Cochran


DATE: MARCH 30TH, 2005
TIME: 18:00 HRS.

It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Mr. Johnnie Cochran, Jr., one of the most celebrated lawyers of our time, and most importantly a great humanitarian.

When I met Mr. Cochran for the first time in the VIP room of John F. Kennedy airport, I met a very humble person who was very willing to help in the Abner Louima case when I made the request.

Mr. Cochran is known as a celebrity lawyer, but he always enjoyed the company of the less famous within the African American community.

Many were surprised, when he attended a birthday party that I held for him in Brooklyn at Club Cenegal; although he always spends his birthday privately with his wife, he felt that it was important to come support the Haitian community during the disturbing moments after the Abner Louima's assault by the NYPD, which shocked the whole world.

When I invited Mr. Cochran to travel to Haiti, he was not afraid to do so, even after reading or seeing very negative report from the mainstream media of the level of insecurity in Haiti.

In the middle of defending Sean "P.Diddy" Combs, he took time off from this high profile case to travel to Haiti to show support to the Haitian people who were experiencing difficult time.

Upon arriving at "El Rancho Hotel", Mr. Cochran realized the violent portrayal of Haiti in the media was not totally accurate. He thoroughly enjoyed himself, and promised to share his experience with the American people upon his return to the United States.

He also fell in love with the Haitian cuisine, which he told me was "the richest cuisines I've enjoy from all the countries I've visited throughout my whole life".

Mr. Cochran is leaving behind a legacy that future generations will look up to. In defending the Abner Louima case, he demonstrated that his service was not limited to just the rich and famous.

Mr. Cochran was a good friend to have. I now know that paradise gained a great lawyer, so when we get there, we can rest assure that we will have a great defender on our side. He will be greatly missed.

A great philosopher once said: "Great men die, but death does not kill them", Mr. Cochran will always remain alive in our spirit.


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Topic says...

I definitely share your feeling about Mr. Cochran's death.

I really did not know that he went to Haiti.

I think he was a great African American, and I was proud of him.

My condolences to his

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