Protest Against MINUSTAH in Haiti, Find Out Why

Manifestation in Haiti - A crowd of Haiti protesters blocked the entrance to the MINUSTAH military headquarters in Port-au-Prince earlier today carrying banners saying "Down with the occupation"

Why all of a sudden?


The latest news is that MINUSTAH's mandate which was supposed to expire today has been extended for another year, until October 15, 2011.

Aljazeera report that the Haitian protestors blocked the entrance into the UN military headquarters in Port-au-Prince while shouting anti-UN slogans on vehicles trying to enter.


Do you want MINUSTAH to stay in Haiti or leave?

Do you feel that Haiti is safer with UN peacekeepers in the country?

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Dieuseul says...

Right now trying to kick MUNISTAH out of Haiti should not be our focus.

Now what we as Haitian should be trying to do is rebuilt Haiti, not trying to bring more chaos.

These days I see why a lot of people are saying "the Haitians people do not know what they want." That's so damn true. I'm a 18 years old and I've been living in Haiti for all my life, I haven't see my nation really tries to bring some good changement to this country.

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Rza says...

I personally think they should stay. because we don, t have an army or a confident police force that can combat with the population of haiti.

or the bandits looked what happen whe Aristide was in power the bandits took over a police station in Cite Soleil.

thats horrible but who went in take over Cite Soleil again the U.N so therefore yes we do need the U.N in Haiti.

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Kat says...

like someone said before MINUSTAH are a bunch of mercenaries they have made things worse.

There is no legitimte reason why they are still there.

They havent done nothing but sit there living like kings, going to the beach having a great time while the budget has been going up for them to stay. This is not the first time they have protested for minustah to leave.

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Mackson says...

can someone tell me what exatly minustah mean and why they there what is the

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Greg says...

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Pierre Beauge says...

Like someone else has already mentioned...

Minustha te supposer ale deja...

Kito yo te ka jwenn freedom konsa?

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Fegnor Point-du-jour says...

Haiti is not safe with minustha bcause they don, t understand the problem and they don, t want to help. They are staying at petion ville and the problem is located at

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Victor Manuel Guerrero says...

La MINUSTAH debe permanecer por lo menos durante 15

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Rev. Gerard Charlestin says...

MINUSTAH should get out long time ago. Haiti will be more safe without

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Johny says...

prezans munistah pa util peyi anyen, mesye ale Haiti pou bien vire, bien manje.

se pa pep la y'ap bay securite, se sak fe chak fwa manda yo pral fini, yo toujou pase pa pep la pou yo fe dezod.

pouka montre prezans important nan peyi. Voye Munistah ale

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