President Martelly Meets the Republic of Congo Haitian Diaspora

Haitian President Michel Martelly took some time to visit the Haitian diaspora in the Democratic Republic of Congo while visiting the country for the 14th Conference of Heads of State and Government of Francophone Nations.

Haitian President Martelly In Congo
Haitian President Martelly In Congo

SIDE Note: Le Nouveliste release an article on Oct 11 with the title: "Que va faire Martelly au Congo?"

I guess they didn't get the memo... LOL...

Ou pa gade photo a pitit... se bagay red Carpet wi.

President Michel Martelly met the Haitian Diaspora community at a hotel in the commune of Gombe in Kinshasa Province, reports.

Martelly was accompanied by Haitian the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pierre Richard Casimir, and Haitian Ambassador to Africa, Jean François David.

What do you think about Martelly's visit to Congo?

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Ayitienne says...

I think the President Martelly did the right thing by visiting Africa.

Hatiti has always refer to Africa as the mother land. Eventhough our culture is very diverse, we've always known who we are and were we come from and retain most of our roots.

It is about time that Haiti rekindle the relationship with Africa and hopefully change face of both place for the better through exchange of

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Makenzi Jerome says...

Handle your

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Joseph says...

President.M Joseph Martelly visiting Congo to see if he can take refuge

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Paul says...

Did Martelly use Air Force One to travel?

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Colette says...

What exactly was the purpose of this

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